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4tiitoo GmbH is a market leader in the area of enterprise SaaS companies for AI-based solutions for easy eye control of computers. The software NUIA Productivity+, used by numerous large companies across various industries, improves efficiency and ergonomics when using standard office software. The new product NUIA Full Focus provides natural eye contact and trust in video conferences – fully automatic and with all video conferencing platforms – optimizing sales and all video communication.

6 Wunderkinder develops and distributes web-based software for different platforms that makes it easier and more effective to collaborate with each other.

Exit since May 2012.

7Learning offers online retailers a SaaS solution for machine learning-based pricing. The software maximizes profits and revenues and at the same time automates pricing processes. Based on various input factors, the software makes daily sales, profit and revenue forecasts per product and price point. Customers can optimize prices according to their business objectives with only one click.

Abalos Therapeutics has harnessed the unique immune stimulation of the arenavirus to develop a novel anti-cancer approach that provides the full breadth of the immune system’s power specifically against cancer cells. Through viral replication within cancer cells, Abalos’ arenavirus-based drug candidates are designed to awake precise innate and adaptive immune responses and activate all relevant immune cell types against primary tumors and metastases. Led by experienced biotech entrepreneurs and immunology pioneers, Abalos’ goal is to achieve a quantum leap in immuno-oncology.



adivo is a biotech company generating therapeutic antibodies for companion animals, addressing the medical needs in dogs, with an upside potential for a future in care for other species.
Antibody selection is based on a novel fully synthetic, dog-specific phage display library that allows de-novo identification of antibodies to select a drug candidate with optimal properties.
adivo is a spin-off from MorphoSys AG, a leading European biopharmaceutical company. The team transfers an in-depth expertise in discovery and development of human therapeutic antibodies to the veterinary market.

In vielen Bereichen lässt der Fach- und Arbeitskräftemangel die Nachfrage nach der Automatisierung von Prozessen wachsen. So auch im Bereich des Facility Managements, in dem sich seit der Pandemie zudem der Anspruch an eine hohe Reinigungsqualität und Sauberkeit stark erhöht hat.

Das junge Unternehmen ADLATUS Robotics GmbH nimmt sich diesen Herausforderungen an und entwickelt und produziert am Standort Ulm, autonome Servicerobotersysteme für den professionellen Reinigungsbereich. ADLATUS wurde 2015 von den Robotik Spezialisten Matthias Strobel und Dr. Siegfried Hochdorfer gegründet und hat sich in den letzten Jahren von einem Startup zu einem jungen und dynamischen Unternehmen entwickelt. Die Navigationssoftware, als Herzstück der Robotersysteme, wird eigens von ADLATUS Robotics entwickelt und macht das Unternehmen flexibel bei der Umsetzung neuer Ideen und Kundenanforderungen.

Neben voller Autonomie, Konnektivität und hoher Sicherheitsperformance setzt das Unternehmen mit ihrer Trusted Robotics Plattform den Schwerpunkt bei der Entwicklung ihrer Robotersysteme auf den Datenschutz und die Datensicherheit ihrer Anwender und entspricht damit den Europäischen Datenschutzrichtlinien.

Das Unternehmen hat sich in der professionellen Reinigungsbranche als Innovationsführer für Serviceroboter etabliert und wurde in den letzten Jahren mit mehreren Awards für die Leistungen des Teams belohnt. Ihre Robotersysteme sind international in den unterschiedlichen Branchen, wie Industrie, Logistikzentren, Sporthallen, öffentlichen Bereichen, Einkaufscenter, Öffentlichen Personenverkehr, Kliniken sowie in anderen Anwendungen im Einsatz.

Als nächster Schritte steht der Ausbau der Internationalisierung in Europa und USA an. Sowie die Erweiterung des Produktportfolios „Service Roboter“ und digitale Tools und die Ausweitung von Cloud-Diensten, die zukünftig „Robot-as-a-Service“ Geschäftsmodelle ermöglichen.

Adtriba is an efficient and simple cross-channel digital marketing management platform. As the “single point of marketing truth” Adtriba integrates all cross-channel data and applies machine learning to calculate the exact profitability of all marketing touchpoints. The exact performance of every campaign is displayed in a dashboard which allows for cross-channel optimization of marketing ROI.

AdvanceCOR is a drug-developing biotech company which focuses on personalized medicine in cardiovascular diseases. We concentrate on innovative biologic drugs in acute vascular syndromes and have completed phase 2.

ADVANOVA was founded in January 2012 by Dr. Frank Hemer, a doctor and computer scientist, and Bastian Bleisinger, a computer scientist. The company’s head office is in Erlangen at the centre of Germany’s “Medical Valley”.

Aegiq (/ˈiːdʒɪk/, ee-jik) is building a new generation of networking and computing with quantum technology. The company is using its pioneering single-photon and integrated quantum optics platform to address the demand for next-gen fibre and satellite quantum communications, as well as drive further research and development in quantum computing and quantum optics using its advanced technology.

Agora Innovation GmbH is a financial technology company focusing on blockchain, DLT and digital assets, founded in 2017 by Phong Dao, Evgeny Matershev and Robert Malec. The product IVE.ONE, with the goal of providing better digital assets for everyone, is a global investment and issuance platform for legally compliant digital securities on the blockchain. The platform combines various national regulatory requirements with the blockchain to protect companies from money laundering and sanction risks. All market participants in the field of digital securities, such as issuers, investors, stock exchanges and others, can this way strictly comply with local and global regulations and have full control over their assets.

agriportance is a Münster-based biomethane start-up that specialises in monitoring sustainability certification and buying and selling biomethane. Using greenhouse gas software, producers can create their carbon footprint on a monthly basis according to the strict requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). In addition, the software provides mass balances and enables secure and easy document storage and preparation. In a fair and efficient matchmaking process, agriportance brings producers and buyers of biomethane together, usually for a period of 7 years. The founding team around Henning Dicks and Thorsten Rohling, together with currently 10 employees and a large number of customers, has been pursuing its vision of displacing heavy oil, diesel and natural gas from shipping and heavy goods transport with the green alternative biomethane since 2021.

Spinning-off from the LASA (Learning Algorithms & Systems Laboratory) of EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), the company aims to make robotics accessible to all companies. Its technology combines reinforcement learning and closed-loop force control, giving robots a sense of touch and the ability to learn and adapt autonomously to changes. Among other things, this gives manufacturers more flexibility and autonomy, allowing them to automate their manufacturing process in an affordable way. In addition, on-site production employees can now operate the robots without the need for advanced robotic expertise.

Aignostics, a spin-off from Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Berlin Institute of Health, is pioneering computational pathology for pharmaceutical research and diagnostics. Its proprietary "Explainable AI" platform draws on research from Fraunhofer Society, Charité, and TU Berlin to overcome the typical "black-box" problem of AI in pathology. Aignostics' focus lies on developing bespoke AI models for clinical trials and CDx development.

AirGateway GmbH is a B2B airline distribution company connecting airlines with corporate, leisure, offline and online travel agents. AirGateway state-of-the-art technology enables airlines and travel agents to enhance their retailing channels bringing rich content, dynamic pricing and ancillary services as defined by IATA’s new New Distribution Capability standard.

akirolabs, founded in 2021 by Michael Pleuger, Detlef Schultz, Christoph Flöthmann, and Tim Ergenzinger, develops and provides an AI powered SaaS platform for collaborative strategic procurement. akirolabs is based upon a world-class and industry proven strategic procurement process, methodology and toolkit, embedded into an intuitive cross-functional collaboration workflow and enriched with all relevant internal and external business insight. akirolabs’ unique approach delivers “Procurement Strategies with Value & Purpose” and a significantly broader and 4-5 times higher value contribution than traditional souring solutions.

Alentis Therapeutics discovers and develops novel medications to treat advanced liver diseases, such as liver fibrosis, cirrhosis and liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC).

Alentis has in-licensed platform technologies and monoclonal antibodies which are the result of more than a decade of research from the University of Strasbourg and Inserm, the French National Institutes of Health and the Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

The portfolio is based on profound knowledge and expertise in liver disease, unique patient-derived model systems and the discovery of a novel, very fundamental mechanism of action underlying these diseases.

Alentis has lead monoclonal antibodies which show consistent compelling efficacy and safety in patient-derived cell and animal models.

Furthermore, Alentis has a proprietary discovery platform enabling fast-track discovery and development of compounds and targets that are relevant in the pathology of late stage liver disease and carcinogenesis.

Algiax Pharmaceuticals is a young, innovative research company in the field of neurological diseases with a special focus on neuropathic pain.

The English-language platform on All3DP.com provides consumers and small business users with guidance and practical information and tips as well as a curated marketplace of 3D printable designs and objects.

ALS Automatic Logistic Solutions GmbH, Munich, exclusive manufacturer of automatic box opening systems to cut or perforate cartons, closed at the beginning of this year a significant round of funding.

Altavo is a Dresden based medical technology startup founded in February 2021. Based on non-invasive radar sensing and AI algorithms for speech recognition and synthesis, Altavo is developing prosthetics to improve the rehabilitation of voiceless people, for example after laryngectomy. Compared to existing forms of speech rehabilitation, Altavo’s approach has fundamental advantages in terms voice quality, usability, and complication risks. Altavo is partnering with the Chair of Speech Technology and Cognitive Systems and the Chair of Radio Frequency Engineering at TU Dresden.

Altruja provides social fundraising software that can easily and quickly be integrated into any website. Using this software and Web 2.0, aid organizations and other fundraising institutions like universities, associations, schools, political initiatives etc. can reach new contributors and thereby exponentially increase the amount of funds they raise.

Founded in October 2016, ATC ALUVATION Technology Center Paderborn GmbH is a technology company headquartered in Paderborn, eastern Westphalia. ALUVATION founder Markus Belte has been fundamentally shaping the technology used in the heat treating of aluminium components since the 1990s and is one of the world’s leading specialists in this field. The ALUVATION system takes heat treating in a new direction, away from permanently installed environments and into a new, digitalised, mobile, modular and dynamic age of Industry 4.0.

Amedrix develops & produces three dimensional implants (gel and liquid) based on collagen. Focus: treatment of articular cartilage damage in human an horse and other promising application areas. CE-mark for the cartilage repair product is granted & successfully used in patients.

The goal of anybill is to provide digital receipts to every payment - in merchant apps, banking and payment apps, or without any app - wherever the consumer of tomorrow expect receipts. For a high availability, anybill focuses on cash register integrations. With scalable API services, merchants of any size and industry have the possibility to issue digital receipts. anybill acts as an enabler for issuing receipts and provides SDK modules for third-party applications such as banking or merchant apps to offer digital receipts as an embedded service. anybill was founded in December 2019 by Lea Frank, Tobias Gubo and Patrick Göttler and has locations in Regensburg and Munich.

Applanga is the product of Mbaas Development Gmbh, operating out of Berlin, Germany. Founded in the midth of 2013 by Christian Stanke und Steffen Römer, Mbaas is focused on developing and selling the Applanga localization platform for app developers. Localization, the translation of software into other languages, is so far a highly manual process that now can be automated with the Applanga platform, making it easier, faster and cheaper to internationalize apps - a matter of days instead of months. With 2.9 million registered mobile app developers and yearly spendings of $11,37 billions for software localization, Applanga covers an attractive market segment with promising revenue potential.

The core competency of AQ Implants GmbH is the endoprosthetic reconstruction of severe and complex defects and anomalies. With the development of innovative implant systems AQ Implants GmbH provides surgeons with various surgical options to reconstruct a wide variety of defects.

Under the brand name REVISIO they offer a complete range of implants for the treatment of revision and tumour cases, from easy revision cases to modular-complex defect treatments.

„Asana Rebel is a young and growing startup committed to creating highly engaging health and fitness experiences. Our app offers a variety of yoga-inspired fitness programs crafted by experts for users of all levels, in 6 different languages worldwide. This approach to fitness is moving a huge community and is helping to shape a whole new industry. And that is just the start, as we keep exploring new ways to build positive impact on people’s lives.”

ATMOS Space Cargo, based at Baden-Airpark in Rheinmünster, develops and builds space capsules designed to return any cargo at any scale safely back from space. The cargo their capsules are equipped to transport includes experiments, In-Orbit Demonstration, In-Orbit Verification (IOD/IOV) projects, material science products manufactured in space, biomedical products (e.g., cell cultures, organoids, 3D-printed organs, etc.), semiconductors, rocket first stages and upper stages and whole satellites.

Atriva Therapeutics stands for the next generation of antiviral therapies. MEK Inhibitors have high potential as truly efficacious and safe antiviral drugs to address the urgent need e.g. for a novel, broadly active influenza therapy.