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Altavo is a Dresden based medical technology startup founded in February 2021. Based on non-invasive radar sensing and AI algorithms for speech recognition and synthesis, Altavo is developing prosthetics to improve the rehabilitation of voiceless people, for example after laryngectomy. Compared to existing forms of speech rehabilitation, Altavo’s approach has fundamental advantages in terms voice quality, usability, and complication risks. Altavo is partnering with the Chair of Speech Technology and Cognitive Systems and the Chair of Radio Frequency Engineering at TU Dresden.

Press releases

20. February 2024

Altavo concludes Series A for the development of its Artificial Voice

February 20, 2024 – Altavo, a startup in AI-based voice rehabilitation founded in 2021, successfully closed its Series A financing round on February 1, 2024. A European consortium led by OCCIDENT is investing € 5.0m in the development of Altavo’s novel Artificial Voice. Altavo’s Artificial Voice is a medical device designed to help voiceless people, for example after laryngectomy or during mechanical ventilation, regain their own, natural sounding voice. The proprietary “sil
altavo founders
27. January 2022

Altavo completes Seed Financing Round for the Development of AI-based Voice Prosthetics

Altavo GmbH, a speech technology and medical technology spin-off of TU Dresden, successfully completed its seed financing round in December 2021. A consortium led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is investing in the development of Altavo’s AI-based speech prosthesis. Altavo is developing a non-invasive prosthesis aimed at restoring an individual, natural-sounding voice for people who have lost their voice, for example, due to laryngectomy. The approach is based on non-invasive radar se

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Rudolf v. Bünau, CEO and Co-Founder


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22. Dec 2021

Niels Sharman

Senior Investment Manager