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4tiitoo GmbH is a market leader in the area of enterprise SaaS companies for AI-based solutions for easy eye control of computers. The software NUIA Productivity+, used by numerous large companies across various industries, improves efficiency and ergonomics when using standard office software. The new product NUIA Full Focus provides natural eye contact and trust in video conferences – fully automatic and with all video conferencing platforms – optimizing sales and all video communication.

DeepScenario is an AI start-up that provides the world’s leading platform for training, testing, and validating autonomous systems of any kind, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. The company traces its roots to cutting-edge research in computer vision, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence spanning multiple man-years. The team at DeepScenario combines scientific domain knowledge, industrial usage knowledge, and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship to help customers efficiently build and deploy autonomous systems in their chosen market. DeepScenario was founded by Dr. Holger Banzhaf, Dr. Jacques Kaiser, and Nijanthan Berinpanathan who share the vision of bringing autonomous systems to the world at scale.

Erium GmbH was founded in 2019 and is based at the “gate” technology and start-up centre in Garching near Munich. The company currently has 10 employees and is a leader in technology for the optimisation of complex processes using AI. With its software solution HALerium, Erium is helping people from various disciplines to create their own AI models without needing to be data scientists. Erium is thus making machine learning accessible for all and helping people to overcome complexities.

PANDA is a spin-off of the Helmut Schmidt University/University of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg with focus on Industrial AI. Founded in July 2018, the start-up has set itself the goal of securing the competitiveness of German engineering industry. With PANDA | DRIFT, PANDA offers an AI system for minimizing performance deficits in industrial production. The basis for this is a self-developed Machine Learning Framework, which has been optimized for industrial use by a combination of hardware and software. This enables the automatic identification of causes for production problems and the setting of optimal production parameters. The data-driven approach using artificial intelligence, enables automated process optimization and monitoring for the industry which is just right for the current era.

Scavenger AI develops three proprietary AI tools, linked in a workflow, which allow companies to make the best possible decision under any circumstances based on their data. The software cleanses the data, automatically analyses it statistically based on the user's questions and presents the analysis in simple language. Finally, all mathematical results are enriched with industry data and presented in the form of a dashboard.

Synthara is a semiconductor AI company working on a new breed of edge-AI chips that eliminate the trade-off between performance and energy efficiency. Its technology is a result of years of interdisciplinary R&D in system architecture, neuroscience and neural networks at the Institute of Neuroinformatics (University of Zürich and ETH Zürich). Synthara's designs are hand-crafted for smart sensor applications whose computational workload is highly dynamic, such as wearables, IoT, and monitoring. The company has concluded an oversubscribed seed funding round and rallied a team of ambitious engineers, investors and ecosystem partners with deep roots in the industry. Synthara’s early adopter program is already seeing interest from a number of market leaders towards a first set of products in 2022.