Investing Responsibly

We are the ideal partner for all investors with a focus on technology who want to get involved in early-stage start-ups in the German market. Our track record proves this: since 2005, we have financed almost 600 high-tech companies. In addition to the resources of our own three funds, with a volume around 900 million euros, more than 2.4 billion euros in external capital have flowed into over 1,500 follow-up financing rounds to date. We support our portfolio companies from their early stages to their exit. We have now successfully sold or floated more than 100 investments, including IPOs.

As Europe’s most active seed investor, we are in contact with all relevant players in the venture capital scene and work successfully with domestic and foreign investors throughout all investment phases. Over the past 15 years, we have not only become thoroughly acquainted with the market and its players, but have also continuously optimized our processes so that private and foreign investors in particular are happy to draw on our experience and accessing our constantly growing and well-established network.

There are two ways to invest together with the HTGF:

Joint investments

We invest in high-tech start-ups in their early stages. We do this independently, but preferably together with other partners – business angels, private investors or VCs. In this way, we not only achieve higher financing volume, but also bundle our respective expertise. Our portfolio companies hence benefit twice over.

Industrial Technology

Life Sciences & Chemistry

Digital Tech

Participation in our funds

Companies also have the opportunity to participate in our closed-end funds to gain access to the latest technologies and innovative business models. 33 companies are invested in HTGF III, for example – from former start-ups to medium-sized companies and DAX-listed corporations. They are also part of our network and the HTGF family.

HTGF IV is coming. Interested in investing? We would be happy to talk to you.