Our Committees

At the HTGF we work together as a team, with each of us being an expert in their field. We combine our knowledge of start-up financing, technology and incorporation to provide optimal support for our portfolio companies. This also applies to our committees.

Investment committees

Investment committees make the final decision as to whether or not the HTGF invests in a start-up. Start-ups are proposed by the investment manager who supervises them. However, the investment manager is not the only one who decides whether a start-up succeeds. Two parties always have to be consulted.

To ensure that informed decisions are made, there are three different investment committees with experts in their respective fields.

Investor advisory board

The investor advisory board consists of representatives of fund investors. It has a role comparable to that of the supervisory board and monitors the work of the HTGF’s management. The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) appoints the chairman of the advisory board as well as another member. The advisory board also includes a representative of the KfW group and a private investor or invested company representative.