Dr. Holger N. Reithinger

FORBION / benannt als Vertretung für das BMWK

Holger is a general partner at Forbion, a leading European venture capital firm. Forbion invests in innovative life science start-ups developing new drugs. Holger has more than 24 years of experience as an investor in life science companies and is currently a supervisory, advisory or board member at Allecra GmbH, OMEICOS GmbH, and Seamless Therapeutics GmbH. Previously, Holger served on the boards of numerous life science companies, including Curetis N.V. (IPO 2015), Cellnovo S.A. (IPO 2015), Epigenomics (IPO 2004), MBT (assets sold to Medigene), 4SC (IPO 2005), NeurogesX (IPO 2007), Fibrex Medical (assets licensed to Ikaria), Agendia, Santaris (sold to Roche 2014) and Rigontec (sold to MSD 2017) and catalYm. Prior to his VC activities, Holger gained operational experience as a product development manager at Biometra/Whatman Plc, now part of GE Healthcare.

+49 (0)894 161 619 50