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Tomorrow Things is an intelligent automation platform that creates digital twins of technical assets. Complex, error-prone, and cost-intense manual integrations are being substituted by technology. Blueprints connect assets with the click of a mouse, so customers can collect and stream data for enhanced decision-making, improved operational efficiency, and optimized sustainability. The blueprint technology supports plug-and-produce and drives interoperability within the entire ecosystem. It allows for seamless integration of third-party applications on top of digitalized assets.

Press releases

13. March 2024

AI Startup – Tomorrow Things – secures €1.5m to help the manufacturing industry save money by automating system integration efforts

Tomorrow Things simplifies and accelerates the complex digitalization of machines and connects them seamlessly to the industrial internet. The “Cloud Connect” solution from Tomorrow Things allows non-technical users to create digital twins of machines in minutes – a process that usually takes days, sometimes even weeks. This saves up to 90 percent of costs. The Bonn-based startup has secured €1.5m in funding to develop an AI-powered operating system for global machinery. Th

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10. Jan 2024

Johannes Dierkes

Investment Manager