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DeepScenario is an AI start-up that provides the world’s leading platform for training, testing, and validating autonomous systems of any kind, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. The company traces its roots to cutting-edge research in computer vision, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence spanning multiple man-years. The team at DeepScenario combines scientific domain knowledge, industrial usage knowledge, and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship to help customers efficiently build and deploy autonomous systems in their chosen market. DeepScenario was founded by Dr. Holger Banzhaf, Dr. Jacques Kaiser, and Nijanthan Berinpanathan who share the vision of bringing autonomous systems to the world at scale.

Press releases

25. October 2022

AI start-up DeepScenario closes financing round to accelerate the deployment of autonomous systems

DeepScenario secures seven-digit funding from HTGF, MobilityFund, and business angels. The investment boosts DeepScenario’s mission to help customers deploy autonomous systems in less time and with less cost. Munich, 25th October 2022– Self-driving cars and other autonomous systems are spreading rapidly across the world. Ensuring that these systems operate as intended, without posing risk to people and the world around them, is an increasingly critical need. The physical world

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20. Sep 2022

Johannes Weber

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