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DeepScenario is an AI start-up that provides the world’s leading platform for training, testing, and validating autonomous systems of any kind, with a particular focus on the automotive industry. The company traces its roots to cutting-edge research in computer vision, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence spanning multiple man-years. The team at DeepScenario combines scientific domain knowledge, industrial usage knowledge, and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship to help customers efficiently build and deploy autonomous systems in their chosen market. DeepScenario was founded by Dr. Holger Banzhaf, Dr. Jacques Kaiser, and Nijanthan Berinpanathan who share the vision of bringing autonomous systems to the world at scale.



FAZUA Evation is a combination of a conventional and electro-drive bike.

Founded by Johann Olsen, Nabil Imran and Felix Kruse in Flensburg, the IT company IO-Dynamics supports its customers in making the operation of electric vehicles in companies simple and cost-effective. It sees itself as a manufacturer-independent provider to meet the requirements of different charging stations and electric vehicles today and in the future. Its product IO-ELON creates a link between the energy and mobility sectors, as electric vehicles are charged according to demand and in coordination with energy generation. For companies with electric vehicle fleets in particular, this means greater transparency in the operation of vehicles and energy management that reduces costs and administrative work and responds to the individual needs of fleet operators.

Kõu Mobility Group consists of four micromobility companies: Comodule, which provides software and IoT solutions for light electric vehicles; Tuul, a rental service for electric scooters; Äike, a manufacturer of electric scooters; and Ampler, a developer of electric bicycles.

The group's vision is to encourage people to choose clean transportation and create a noise- and emission-free urban environment. The brands of Kõu Mobility Group make light electric vehicles safer, more comfortable and accessible.

LEON Mobility was founded in 2020 by two experts from the mobility industry who had clearly identified the problem of micro mobility: there is a lack of an economical and widespread charging infrastructure for sharing scooters. With XOO, LEON Mobility is building this smart charging infrastructure for sustainable micro mobility in public spaces. XOO charging points distributed across the city charge e-kick scooters and e-mopeds where the need is - efficiently, energy-saving and tidily. XOO is the game changer of micro-mobility. With XOO, mobility providers achieve considerable cost advantages, municipalities get a tidy cityscape and users get scooters ready to ride where they need them. Micro mobility is finally becoming a sustainable solution. For free roads, better air and tidy city centers.
XOO has already been able to achieve significant efficiency increases and improved sustainability for its customers with pilots. LEON Mobility is currently working on the roll-out for several urban customers and plans to grow significantly in 2022. At the same time, with the expansion of XOOnet, the individual XOO charging stations will be developed into AIoT Edge devices that will make XOOnet even smarter. With XOO, LEON Mobility will contribute to the successful implementation of the transport revolution and to the significant reduction of CO2 emissions in cities and municipalities.

Our innovative etaLINK technology brings wireless charging to the next level with efficiencies far above 90 %. Based on the principle of magnetic induction, we made innovations in several key areas of the system. Modern algorithms and an integrated communication link to the batterymanagement- system (BMU) guarantees a gentle fast-charging process for the battery.