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Altavo is a Dresden based medical technology startup founded in February 2021. Based on non-invasive radar sensing and AI algorithms for speech recognition and synthesis, Altavo is developing prosthetics to improve the rehabilitation of voiceless people, for example after laryngectomy. Compared to existing forms of speech rehabilitation, Altavo’s approach has fundamental advantages in terms voice quality, usability, and complication risks. Altavo is partnering with the Chair of Speech Technology and Cognitive Systems and the Chair of Radio Frequency Engineering at TU Dresden.

Reactive Robotics develops adaptive and intelligent therapy robotics which automate early-mobilization in the intensive care unit. Using robotic modules that can be attached and detached on and from the patient bed, patients can be mobilized directly in their hospital bed. As compared to existing solutions, this approach supersedes the time-intensive and dangerous transfer of the patient onto a separate therapy device. The device is scheduled to become available in Europe beginning of 2018.