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Adtriba is an efficient and simple cross-channel digital marketing management platform. As the “single point of marketing truth” Adtriba integrates all cross-channel data and applies machine learning to calculate the exact profitability of all marketing touchpoints. The exact performance of every campaign is displayed in a dashboard which allows for cross-channel optimization of marketing ROI.

HTGF-Manager: Frank Kerim Reinecke
Added to portfolio 17. May 2016

CI Hub

CI HUB is a software technology company based in Potsdam. Under the direction of the founders Andreas Michalski, Jörg Seidler and Jasper Ullrich, the team develops cloud-based MarTech software that enables high savings in marketing. Among the partners are companies such as Dropbox, Gettyimages, iStock, Bynder, Pixelboxx, Site-fusion, Picturepark, the PIM system myview and Adobe Stock.

Website: ci-hub.com
HTGF-Manager: Frank Kerim Reinecke
Added to portfolio 31. Jan 2020


contentbird offers a SaaS-solution for the professional link management within companies. The tool not only comprises project planning, CRM and controlling functions, it also supports companies with the planning, implementation and success evaluation of their link building processes.

HTGF-Manager: Axel Nitsch
Added to portfolio 14. Dec 2012

crossvertise Exit

crossvertise is the first marketplace for online and offline advertising media, where advertisers and agencies get free access to comprehensive sector news and have the possibility to book all kinds of media directly online.

HTGF-Manager: Louis Heinz
In portfolio 13. Dec 2011 – 13. Jul 2020


Geotagging of fotos: Internet platform and clients for mobile devices.

Website: de.locr.com
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Alex von Frankenberg
Added to portfolio 22. Dec 2006


MEINPROSPEKT aims to be a “shopping-center at your finger-tips”. It contains all your favorite brands. It´s always open, it´s great big and it´s really simple. Offline and online shopping on your personal mobile device.

Exit since July 2014. Purchaser: kaufDA

HTGF-Manager: Romy Schnelle
In portfolio 07. Oct 2010 – 16. Jul 2014

MessengerPeople Exit

MessengerPeople enables Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Chatbots via Instant Messenger like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and Facebook Messenger.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Tanja Emmerling
In portfolio 29. Apr 2013 – 02. Nov 2021

plista Exit

With thousands of premium websites and over 40 million monthly visitors in the DACH region alone, plista is one of the most successful recommendation and ad networks in the German-speaking market. The company has developed a high-quality recommendation technology, which is used for the delivery of personalized reader recommendations as well as for advertisements. The company, founded in 2008, provides services to partners across all of Europe from its Berlin headquarters.

Exit since Dec. 2013. Purchaser: GROUPM Germany GmbH.

In portfolio 17. Jun 2009 – 27. Dec 2013

Semasio Exit

Online advertising targeting platform for media agencies and large advertisers.

Website: semasio.com
HTGF-Manager: Louis Heinz
Added to portfolio 29. Nov 2010


The technology start-up from Munich offers companies an AI based Software as a Service solution for the creation and management of video content for their employees. Videos can be created for a variety of use cases and managed in the StoryBox Cloud. StoryBox App, allows users/employees to create and share Videos step by step through intuitive templates. The range of applications reaches from HR, sales, product, marketing, training, documentation to end customer videos for companies. StoryBox customers include well-known companies such as Evonik, Iveco, FTI, Erste Group, Alten, KTM, FTI, etc.

HTGF-Manager: Christian Arndt
Added to portfolio 03. Apr 2020


As an agency for performance advertising TrackScale offers individual online and offline campaign solutions that can be measured and optimized by the unique tracking technology in real-time.

HTGF-Manager: Gregor Haidl
Added to portfolio 02. Oct 2012

Ubermetrics Exit

uberMetrics Technologies is a technology provider for (social) media monitoring. The tool uberMetrics DELTA gathers data from public communication, extracts the relevant content for the client and makes it accessible in a SaaS-Tool for its analysis.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Ulrich Schmitt
In portfolio 22. Sep 2011 – 30. Dec 2020