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ATMOS Space Cargo, based at Baden-Airpark in Rheinmünster, develops and builds space capsules designed to return any cargo at any scale safely back from space. The cargo their capsules are equipped to transport includes experiments, In-Orbit Demonstration, In-Orbit Verification (IOD/IOV) projects, material science products manufactured in space, biomedical products (e.g., cell cultures, organoids, 3D-printed organs, etc.), semiconductors, rocket first stages and upper stages and whole satellites.

DCUBED (Deployables Cubed GmbH) develops mass-customizable, export restriction free Actuators and Deployable Structures that make advanced SmallSat & CubeSat missions possible by keeping especially the need of New Space Customers in mind.

OrbEx is an innovative space access company.

Reflex Aerospace was founded in 2021. The Berlin and Munich-based NewSpace start-up aims to modernise the market with high-performance satellites tailored to individual needs. Through software-based operations and service-oriented offers, the company meets the needs of its customers faster, at a significantly lower cost and more flexibly than established NewSpace manufacturers today. Together with its partner companies Mynaric, Isar Aerospace and SES, Reflex Aerospace is a shareholder in the joint venture UNIO, which aims to build a European satellite constellation for broadband internet.