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After a private investor from the mechanical engineering industry already invested in August 2014 in ALS GmbH, the company incorporated the public investor high-tech start-up fund (High-Tech-Gründerfond, Germany). Paul Kammerscheid, founder and managing partner expects beside the capital highly qualified contacts to industry and commerce. Against common wisdom the online shops, with it’s huge amount of returning packages, are only representing a small part of the market, though the most well-known.

Cartons and packages to the hundreds of thousands must be opened every day in almost every incoming goods department, return handling department and within picking and dispatch optimization departments. So far, by hand, involving real knifes. Moreover a truly dull work for the people at the conveyor belts.

ALS’s box opening systems can open or perforate up to 600 cartons / hour. Depending on the desired outcome cut (complete, partial, hinge, lid, tape, window, etc.) corresponding systems can be configured. All systems are optimized to prevent damage during cutting, accidents at work through cuts are excluded and the cost savings towards manual labor is approximately 75 % – the return on investment requires approximately 10 -12 months.

Press releases

4. March 2015

HTGF invests in automatic package opening systems of ALS Automatic Logistic Solution GmbH

After a first successful financing round with a private investor, ALS Automatic Logistic Solution GmbH has now won the support of High-Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF). ALS develops, manufactures and markets automatic package opening systems, which open cartons without damage to the product. Because of rapidly growing trade flows in mail order and the entire logistics chain, the number of packages shipped is increasing continuously. Almost half of all packages are opened manually by larger companie


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02. Jan 2015

Jens Baumgärtner

Principal / Authorized Signatory