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bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) applications. Focus was laid on very intuitive usability and joy of use. The platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Exit since September 2016.

In portfolio 18. Jun 2014 – 30. Sep 2016

Dresden Silicon

Exit since August 2007.

In portfolio 23. Nov 2005 – 01. Aug 2007


Entelios is Germany’s first Demand Response aggregator and solution provider, pooling electrical loads of commercial and industrial energy users. Entelios builds and operates „virtual power plants“. Entelios markets the aggregated capacity to grid operators or provides Demand Response services to utilities.

Exit since Feb. 2014. Purchaser: EnerNOC, Inc.

In portfolio 19. Jan 2011 – 13. Feb 2014

FTAPI Software

FTAPI®SecuTransfer is a platform-independent software suite. Easily transfer files of any size with end-to-end encrypted across company boundaries.
Main products:
- revolutionary secure e-mail extension
- (S)FTP/ MFTP replacement

Exit since Feb. 2014. Purchaser: QSC AG.

Sector: Digital Tech
HTGF-Manager: Romy Schnelle
In portfolio 04. Jan 2012 – 24. Feb 2014


Rigontec GmbH is a preclinical biotech company developing RNA-based immunotherapeutics for the treatment of cancer and viral diseases. Rigontec’s lead compound ImOl100 targets a novel receptor of the innate immune system, Retinoic acid Inducible Gene I (RIG-I).

Sector: Life Sciences
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Caroline Fichtner
In portfolio 13. Jun 2014 – 06. Sep 2017


givve® ia an exclusive provider of individually designed prepaid open-loop card especially for corporates based on a MasterCard®.

Sector: Digital Tech
HTGF-Manager: Jens Baumgärtner
In portfolio 13. Dec 2011 – 29. Jun 2018

Industrial Solar

Industrial Solar concentrates on the enormous market for the generation of process heat and specialises in providing industrial solutions including the air-conditioning of large buildings by using its innovative Fresnel-collector technology.

Exit since August 2011. Purchaser: Centrotec Sustainable AG

HTGF-Manager: Kay G. Balster
In portfolio 25. Feb 2011 – 25. Aug 2011


KINAXO supports pharmaceutical companies in the development of targeted drugs and predictive biomarkers for personalized healthcare.

Exit since Feb. 2011. Purchaser: Evotec AG

Sector: Life Sciences
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Caroline Fichtner
In portfolio 21. Jul 2006 – 09. Feb 2011


kinkaa is a Meta Travel Search Engine for all relevant travel categories (flights, hotels, cars, packages and more to come) focusing on various European markets.

Exit since Sep. 2010.

Sector: Digital Tech
In portfolio 28. Dec 2007 – 08. Sep 2010


Sample analysis in structural biology often suffers from weak contrast in the transmission electron microscope (TEM). The KonTEM PhazR solves this contrast problem and thus enables scientists to extract more information about structure and function of cells on molecular level.

Exit since May 2014. Purchaser: FEI Company (NASDAQ: FEIC)

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
In portfolio 04. Apr 2012 – 02. May 2014


LEDeXCHANGE produces LED retrofit lamps based on own development and patens. The USP of the products are the color fastness which means that the LED lamps have the same luminous color as the classic lamps (light bulbs) and the high compatibility with existing electronic devices.

Exit since March 2014.

In portfolio 19. Nov 2012 – 31. Mar 2014


Luphos develops and manufactures high-precision optical sensors for quality and process control in industrial fabrication as well as metrology platforms for the quality control of high precision optics.

Exit since May 2014. Purchaser: AMETEK Inc. (NASDAQ: Ametek)

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
In portfolio 26. Nov 2008 – 30. May 2014


MEINPROSPEKT aims to be a “shopping-center at your finger-tips”. It contains all your favorite brands. It´s always open, it´s great big and it´s really simple. Offline and online shopping on your personal mobile device.

Exit since July 2014. Purchaser: kaufDA

Sector: Digital Tech
HTGF-Manager: Romy Schnelle
In portfolio 07. Oct 2010 – 16. Jul 2014


MinCell develops innovative technologies and recipes for foam-glass gravel and board production. We are aiming to be the cost leader with high quality in this segment (me-too product). Having successfully finished our R&D and testing phase, we are in the process of setting up our manufacturing and distribution footprint for the European market.

Exit since August 2014.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
In portfolio 14. Dec 2010 – 06. Aug 2014

Nanda Technologies

Nanda sells wafer inspection systems to chip manufacturer world wide. The innovative optical design allows for faster inspection speed. This reduces costs dramatically and increases yield in the production process.

Exit since Nov. 2011. Purchaser: Nanometrics Inc. (Nasdaq: NANO).

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
In portfolio 22. Nov 2006 – 21. Nov 2011

Northworks Software

northwoks develops and publishes top quality browser based sport games using the framework „njin”. This framework was specifically created by northworks in order to economize time, resources and expenses. “njin” offers a competitive edge in technology, which most industry contenders cannot compete with. Already published game titles such as goalunited (football/soccer) and ballersunited (basketball)
were able to win numerous awards (amongst others goalunited: 2nd Place „Best German Sports Game 2007“, German Developers Award, ballersunited: 1st Place „Best Sports Game 2008“, Browser game of
the Year). Both games have convinced more than 1.3 m users already. goalunited has been localized in 15 languages so far.

Exit since Feb. 2010. Purchaser: Travian Games GmbH

Sector: Digital Tech
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Alex von Frankenberg
In portfolio 31. Jul 2007 – 18. Feb 2010


With thousands of premium websites and over 40 million monthly visitors in the DACH region alone, plista is one of the most successful recommendation and ad networks in the German-speaking market. The company has developed a high-quality recommendation technology, which is used for the delivery of personalized reader recommendations as well as for advertisements. The company, founded in 2008, provides services to partners across all of Europe from its Berlin headquarters.

Exit since Dec. 2013. Purchaser: GROUPM Germany GmbH.

Sector: Digital Tech
In portfolio 17. Jun 2009 – 27. Dec 2013


Digitising music has brought many benefits – but there are also downsides. Music collections are often shared between various devices and media, which can be confusing. Furthermore, the music is only available in the room containing the equipment. Raumfeld is the solution to these problems. The Raumfeld Audio System enables music to be distributed and experienced wirelessly throughout the home. Raumfeld integrates the customer’s music files and brings back the fun of listening to music by providing easy access along with first class sound quality.

Exit since Oct. 2010. Purchaser: Lautsprecher Teufel GmbH.

HTGF-Manager: Romy Schnelle
In portfolio 22. Oct 2008 – 15. Oct 2010


SOPAT offers an innovative particle measurement technology for the real-time, in-situ analysis of multiphase systems based on imaging. Our technology is very intuitive, as an image says more than a thousand words. The measurement of particles such as drops, grains, cells, or bubbles is now possible with the highest precision in any ongoing process. This newly developed measurement system enables our customers to further optimize chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnological processes based on the measured particles and their characteristics.

Exit since July 2014.

In portfolio 25. Jan 2013 – 15. Jul 2014


Terrawater produces process water and drinking water out of Sea- and waste water. Additionally it is possible, to concentrate waste water for better disposal.

Exit since Sep. 2011. Purchaser: TAPROGGE ESACO GmbH

HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
In portfolio 10. Aug 2007 – 16. Sep 2011


textunes is the leading multi-device publishing Platform for publishers’ content on Smartphones and Tablet PCs .

Exit since August 2011.

Sector: Digital Tech
HTGF-Manager: Romy Schnelle
In portfolio 23. Apr 2010 – 01. Aug 2011


tiramizoo.com is an online marketplace for delivery services leveraging existing courier and delivery services infrastructure in urban areas. Customers find, book and pay the ideal courier or delivery service online. Local onlineshops can offer fast and green delivery through new checkout options.

Exit since July 2013.

HTGF-Manager: Curtis MacDonald
In portfolio 28. Feb 2011 – 30. Jul 2013


TM3 has developed an enterprise resource planning system (ERP-System) for small and medium-sized companies with a focus on real-time booking and inventory management. Moreover, solutions for claims management and demand forecasting based on artificial intelligence are provided.

Exit since March 2011. Purchaser: S-Refit AG

In portfolio 11. May 2010 – 03. Mar 2011


UroTec’s MukoCell® made of autologous, in vitro cultured mucosa cells. Only a small biopsy needs to be taken from the patient.

Exit since August 2010.

Sector: Life Sciences
HTGF-Manager: Marco Winzer
In portfolio 14. Feb 2008 – 25. Aug 2010

Product Value Systems

Market Logic helps companies to mitigate the risk of wasting enormous budget allocations (typically up to 10% of annual sales) by making sure marketing investments are driven by customer needs and competitor differentiation.

Exit since May 2010.

Sector: Digital Tech
Website: -----
HTGF-Manager: Markus Kreßmann
In portfolio 15. Jun 2006 – 21. May 2010


Vanatec offers with OpenAccess a so-called object-relational mapping tool, which reduces the programming effort regarding data access to relational databases under .NET by 90%, by creating an application and database-independent mapping between object model and data model.

Successful exit since March 2006. Purchaser: Telerik GmbH

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Alex von Frankenberg
In portfolio 29. Mar 2006 – 08. Aug 2008


3D Visualisation & Imaging preferred by but not limited to autostereoscopic displays

Exit since Feb. 2010.

HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
In portfolio 19. Oct 2006 – 10. Feb 2010


mbmSystems develops a technology for the three-dimensional hardcover presentation of maps and other print media.

Exit since April 2012.

Sector: Digital Tech
In portfolio 13. Dec 2006 – 19. Apr 2012


windeln.de is Germany largest online shop for baby care products. The store has launched in October 2010, offering now more than 17.000 different products for the daily need of babys and mothers. windeln.de features more than 200 brands – among them Pampers, HiPP, Avent, Nuk, Penaten, Milupa, Alete, MAM

Exit since January 2013.

Sector: Digital Tech
In portfolio 16. Aug 2010 – 29. Jan 2013

ZIM Plant Technology

ZIM Plant Technology GmbH sells a user-friendly, long-term stable, non-invasive, telemetry-based magnet sensor technology that measures continuously the water supply of leaves of intact plants with high precision and in real time under field conditions.

Exit since Nov. 2013. Purchaser: YARA

In portfolio 14. Dec 2010 – 15. Nov 2013