Nanda Technologies Exit

Nanda sells wafer inspection systems to chip manufacturer world wide. The innovative optical design allows for faster inspection speed. This reduces costs dramatically and increases yield in the production process.

Exit since Nov. 2011. Purchaser: Nanometrics Inc. (Nasdaq: NANO).

Press releases

4. May 2010
Around USD 4 m for Nanda Technologies
Capital-E, a Belgium-based venture capital company focussing on semiconductor investments, and KfW with its ERP Start-up Fund, one of Germany’s largest venture capital funds, are investing about USD 4 m in Nanda Technologies GmbH alongside the existing shareholders. Nanda was founded in 2006 and has successfully developed a new system for high-throughput wafer inspection used in semiconductor manufacturing. Based on a proprietary optical design combined with innovative image processing soft

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22. Nov 2006 – 21. Nov 2011

HTGF Manager

Dr. Andreas Olmes, Principal/Authorized Signatory