Delft Circuits

Delft Circuits designs and manufactures i/o (cabling) solutions for cryogenic environments to operate quantum systems. These environments have stringent space-, thermal-, and electronic requirements. Our Cri/oFlex® technology is the first technology to carefully balance these requirements and therefore is an enabler for large scale quantum systems.


HTGF Investment Delft Circuits

Successful Investment in Delft Circuits – Quantum Company in the Netherlands Quantum technologies are transitioning from an academic to an industry-driven endeavour. Various corporates, governments, and large VC backed companies are heavily investing in building…

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+31 15 301 0607
Sal Bosman - CEO, Founder
Daan Kuitenbrouwer - COO, Founder


Delft Circuits b.v.
Van der Waalsweg 8,
2628 CH Delft, Niederlande

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