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Spherity was founded by Dr. Carsten Stöcker und Dr. Michael Rüther in November 2017 and employs currently 11 people. Spherity is building decentralized identity management solutions to power the 4th industrial revolution, bringing secure identities (“Digital Twins”) to machines, algorithms, and other non-human entities. The client focus is primarily on technical industries like mobility, supply chain, and pharmaceuticals; in particular, Spherity is supporting the introduction of identity solutions in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market, which is expected to have a value of over €400 billion by 2030 and 75 billion connected devices by 2025.

Press releases

9. October 2019

The decentralized identity and digital twin pioneer Spherity receives Seed Financing from HTGF

Berlin start-up Spherity develops decentralized identity management solutions for industrial IoT applications Companies, machines, smart devices and algorithms are given a digital identity ("digital twins") that is verifiable and globally addressable as a "URL for everything" These digital twins enable tamper-proof data sharing within highly complex and cross-enterprise business processes Proven use cases in the mobility, supply chain, or pharmaceutical industries demonstrate the benefi

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08. Aug 2019

Christian Ziach

Principal / Authorized Signatory