ICE Gateway


Lighting as a Service: Intelligent lighting with M2M (Machine to Machine) services in outdoor sector with focus on Information, Communication, Energy efficiency (ICE).

Exit since November 2016.

Press releases

9. January 2014
ICE Gateway: HTGF invests in intelligent LED-Lighting
ICE Gateway integrates efficient LED-lamps with proprietary communication and control electronics for the M2M infrastructure of smart cities and outdoor facilities of industrial customers. In combination with an innovative contracting model (“Lighting-as-a-Service”), together with a big player of the telecommunications industry, ICE Gateway offers the replacement of the lamps without initial capital investment (capex free) and with an immediate reduction of operative expenditures through ene

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Ramin Lavae Mokhtari


Technology Center Adlershof
12489 Berlin

In portfolio

31. Oct 2013 – 28. Nov 2016