Around USD 4 m for Nanda Technologies

Capital-E, a Belgium-based venture capital company focussing on semiconductor investments, and KfW with its ERP Start-up Fund, one of Germany’s largest venture capital funds, are investing about USD 4 m in Nanda Technologies GmbH alongside the existing shareholders.

Nanda was founded in 2006 and has successfully developed a new system for high-throughput wafer inspection used in semiconductor manufacturing. Based on a proprietary optical design combined with innovative image processing software, Nanda can dramatically increase the speed of inspection while maintaining high sensitivity. The result is a significant decrease in inspection cost per wafer compared to existing systems, and the inspection of every wafer in the process flow instead of sampling only a few.

“With the two new investors on board we have a strong shareholder base that could provide, if needed, additional financing throughout break-even of the company. This helps us to focus on market entry and customer interactions,“ adds CFO/COO Johannes von Borries. Nanda will use the proceeds to support pre-production evaluations at leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Dr. Andreas Olmes, Senior Investment Management at High-Tech Gründerfonds: “As former lead investor from the outset, we are pleased to welcome on board Belgium-based Capital-E, an investor with an international footprint and sector focus.”

Collaboration with semiconductor manufacturers enhanced
“Despite a difficult year in 2009, Nanda achieved a first tool installation and highly promising engagements on the customer side. We were convinced by the market opportunity and the unique technology, which gives Nanda a sustainable competitive edge,” comments Pascal Vanluchene, Partner at Capital-E. Due to his close links with IMEC and prior investments in micro-electronics ventures, Pascal will take an active role in helping Nanda to grow its business.

The compact design of Nanda’s inspection system makes it attractive to integrate defect inspection directly into the production flow. Fast error feedback permits accelerated process adjustments and thus increases process ramp-up and overall productivity. After having successfully installed a first system at a leading industry-backed research institute Nanda is working with global semiconductor manufacturers to evaluate the tools for production.

“Coming out of a deep recession in 2009, the timing is good for Nanda to execute on a broad market entry in 2010 and 2011. We are happy to have Capital-E and KfW on board to ensure enough liquidity during this critical phase for every start-up company“, says Dr. Christian Reitberger, Chairman of the Board.

Capital-E will assume an active role on Nanda’s Board in order to support the company’s further growth. Other shareholders include Brains-to-Venture, Ventegis Capital AG, Bayern Kapital and DEWB.

About Nanda Technologies
Nanda Technologies offers its customers in the semiconductor industry a high throughput, high-sensitivity defect inspection system. Based on a unique optical technology it is possible to inspect the full surface of the wafer in the process flow instead of conducting statistical sampling. The feedback cycle for process faults is reduced significantly and process equipment malfunctions are caught and identified at an early stage. Nanda Technologies was founded in Munich by seasoned executives in the capital metrology equipment industry and supplies inspection tools to leading semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.

Nanda Technologies GmbH
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About Capital-E
Capital-E is an early-stage venture fund focused exclusively on micro and nano electronics related start-ups in Europe. For more information go to

About KfW
The ERP start-up fund, managed and co-financed by KfW, provides venture capital for innovative technology business with outstanding growth prospects. The fund provides finance for research and product development as well as for launching new products, processes and services. For more information go to

About High-Tech Gründerfonds
The Bonn-based provider of seed finance now has around 180 technology ventures in its portfolio. High-Tech Gründerfonds invests in young, innovative technology firms based in Germany. The fund makes available the required start-up capital and supports founders as they set the parameters for the structures of their business, in terms of both strategy and the direction to take. High-Tech Gründerfonds was established in 2005 upon the initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Business and Technology (BMWi). Alongside the BMWi and the KfW Banking Group, industrial companies BASF, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens as well as Daimler, Robert Bosch and Carl Zeiss have invested in the fund. The public/private partnership fund has a volume of EUR 272 million.

High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH
Dr. Andreas Olmes
Senior Investmentmanager
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
53175 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 96568500
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