Lipocalyx provides leapfrog innovation for genetic research. Our Viromers® deliver the bits and pieces of DNA or RNA necessary to interfere with the genetic content of a cell. Viromers® take advantage of a viral fusion mechanism and, for the first time, translate this into polymer chemistry. As a result, we can reach into hard-to-transfect cells and enable siRNA or plasmid work there.

Lipocalyx started its marketing in Jan 2013 and announced a global network of distributors in Sep 2014.
Challenge:          Transfection of resistant cells

Solution:             Viromers, polymers using an Active Escape Technology

Business:            Reagent provider & know-how provider around transfection, direct and distributor sales, co-developments

Technology:       Active Endosome Escape for superior tranfection,

IP:                        Umbrella patent for Viromers, specific IP for products, trademarks

Market:               Transfection market $283M, market potential for Viromers $80M

Customers:        R&D in academia and industry, in particular those working with resistant or sensitive cells like primary cells or stem cells

Geography:        Global Distribution

Competition:     Life Technologies, offereing a one-stop solution for both siRNA and transfection is the most dominant player; strong brands, e.g.Fugene by Promega; electroporation (Lonza, BioRad) is currently used for resistant cells. Works well for plasmids, but not for siRNA.

Cell penetrating peptides may come up as competition ; in the future „downgrading“ of in vivo reagents may become a competition

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