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Lipocalyx provides leapfrog innovation for genetic research. Our Viromers® deliver the bits and pieces of DNA or RNA necessary to interfere with the genetic content of a cell. Viromers® take advantage of a viral fusion mechanism and, for the first time, translate this into polymer chemistry. As a result, we can reach into hard-to-transfect cells and enable siRNA or plasmid work there.

Lipocalyx started its marketing in Jan 2013 and announced a global network of distributors in Sep 2014.
Challenge:          Transfection of resistant cells

Solution:             Viromers, polymers using an Active Escape Technology

Business:            Reagent provider & know-how provider around transfection, direct and distributor sales, co-developments

Technology:       Active Endosome Escape for superior tranfection,

IP:                        Umbrella patent for Viromers, specific IP for products, trademarks

Market:               Transfection market $283M, market potential for Viromers $80M

Customers:        R&D in academia and industry, in particular those working with resistant or sensitive cells like primary cells or stem cells

Geography:        Global Distribution

Competition:     Life Technologies, offereing a one-stop solution for both siRNA and transfection is the most dominant player; strong brands, e.g.Fugene by Promega; electroporation (Lonza, BioRad) is currently used for resistant cells. Works well for plasmids, but not for siRNA.

Cell penetrating peptides may come up as competition ; in the future „downgrading“ of in vivo reagents may become a competition

Press releases

21. September 2011

Financing for Lipocalyx’s Innovative siRNA Delivery

The newly founded company Lipocalyx GmbH announces the start of its development activities in the field of siRNA delivery. With the conclusion of the seed funding round, High-Tech Gründerfonds and GoodVent are helping to enable the development of transfection reagents for siRNA based on innovative polymers. “I’m excited that we are able to press ahead with the development of innovative systems for the delivery of siRNA molecules thanks to the investment from High-Tech Gründerfonds and Goo

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