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EEDEN starts upcycling – turning textile waste into valuable ressources for new fibres. The Company developed a chemical upcycling process for textile waste, recovering its resources. In this way, new, high-quality textiles can be created again from old textiles.
Globally textiles worth 100 bill. $ get landfilled or incinerated every year, while the industry faces resource shortages and regulatory pressure due to its ecological footprint. EEDENs product, a cellulose pulp for cellulosic fibres such as viscose or lyocell, is a solution to these problems.
The EEDEN team around the two founders, Reiner Mantsch and Steffen Gerlach, includes textile technologists, chemical engineers and chemists and will continue to grow in the coming months. Supported by consultants and a broad network to research and industry, the company is well prepared to further scale the EEDEN technology.

Sector: Recycling
Website: eeden.world
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Nikolaus Raupp
Added to portfolio 02. Jun 2022


EGYM is going to digitalize the fitness industry. New strength machines have been developed that generate the resistance electronically. These machines offer training methods that are 4 times more effective and healthier than current training methods and push all data to the EGYM web portal. The EGYM personal fitness portal targets end users with individual services around their training and health.

Website: www.egym.de
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Alex von Frankenberg
Added to portfolio 18. Feb 2011

EH-D Exit

EH-D develops and distributes innovative electro-hydrostatic direct drives for various applications.

Website: www.eh-d.de
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
In portfolio 30. Aug 2010 – 28. Jun 2021

emax digital

emax digital GmbH is a software and technology company based in Munich, Germany. In 2018, Andreas Kleofas and Dominik Pietrowski founded the eCommerce analytics hub with its focus on Amazon analytics. In 2019, Dimitri Dumonet joined the team as Chief Developer. Together with their team of experts, they develop AI-drive solutions for brands and advertising companies aimed at optimizing their presence at the digital point of sale and at increasing revenue. The flagship product from emax digital is the smart SaaS platform that deciphers complex eCommerce patterns. In addition to the insights and recommendations the SaaS platform provides, the former Amazon employees also offer comprehensive strategic consulting services. emax digital is a member of Werk1, a startup incubator in Munich supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as alumni from Wayra, the accelerator behind Telefonica.

HTGF-Manager: Martin Möllmann
Added to portfolio 09. Feb 2021

Emergence Therapeutics Exit

Development of antibody conjugate-based cancer therapeutics for solid tumors with high unmet needs that are otherwise difficult to treat
Problem: Solid cancers are still very difficult to treat. Most treatments increase life expectancy, but only a few lead to a complete cure. Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) have proven to be a promising therapeutic approach, but still cause significant and toxic side effects.

The solution: Emergence Therapeutics has identified several areas where ADCs can be improved. These are the antibody itself, the toxin used to kill the cancer cell, and the linker that couples the toxin to the antibody.

Technology/ IP: The antibody-related IP is in-licensed from the University of Aix-Marseille (France) and the toxin-related IP is in-licensed from Heidelberg Pharma.
The IP and all results generated for the ADC in development will be out-licensed or sold by Emergence.

Sector: Oncology
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Anke Caßing
Added to portfolio 26. Nov 2019

Emma Sleep (Bettzeit) Exit

"Sleep Happier" - that is the main goal of Emma Sleep according to which the Startup develops and sells products for a better sleep. Key products include mattresses, pillows and boxspring beds under the main brands Emma and Dunlopillo. Emma Sleep is one of the fastest-growing tech and e-commerce companies in Europe with over 185 employees from 30 nations at its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. The products are inspiring people in over 15 countries, which are available both online and in many countries via cooperation partners in brick & mortar retail stores. In addition, the products have already won several international awards – as the team has developed their own technologies and continues to work every day to deliver happier sleep.

Sector: E-Commerce
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Tanja Emmerling
In portfolio 14. Jul 2015 – 03. Apr 2020


Emproof provides innovative security solutions for embedded systems that address multiple layers of the software security stack. The company's automated solutions not only prevent cyber-attacks such as exploitation of software vulnerabilities, but also prevent product piracy and tampering. Emproof's solutions start where conventional methods end, thus helping customers reduce costly risks associated with cyber-attacks and increase trust in IoT devices.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Nils Lang
Added to portfolio 25. May 2022


The open-source Android operating system increasingly finds demand in professional and industrial contexts, for example in applications like smart city, vending machines, point-of-sale systems, vehicle infotainment systems, and medical devices. Despite the lively interest, however, conventional Android is not suitable for operation in professional devices, among other things due to the lack of support for professional hardware and the absence of security updates. Such customization is difficult to build.

Website: emteria.com
HTGF-Manager: Daniela Bach
Added to portfolio 31. Oct 2019


enercast is a leading technology provider for weather-based artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of renewable energy.

Its self-learning SaaS products deliver accurate power generation forecasts for wind and solar plants, thus enabling the integration of renewable energy into power grids and energy markets worldwide. The enercast platform supplies the digital actors of the emerging decentralized energy system with the intelligence they need to manage limited resources with foresight.

Founded 2011 in Kassel, Germany, enercast delivers 100 million forecast data points per day to 20 countries around the globe, covering 180 GW of installed capacity.

HTGF-Manager: Markus Kreßmann
Added to portfolio 30. Mar 2012


enexion secures enduring energy procurement cost and risk reductions for industry and medium sized businesses. Based on the innovative IT platform, enexion implements comprehensive energy procurement solutions for clients.

HTGF-Manager: Markus Kreßmann
Added to portfolio 02. Jul 2009

Enscape™ Exit

The Enscape software is a virtual reality and real-time rendering plug-in for architectural software such as Autodesk Revit or Trimble SketchUp.
With their solution, you only need one click and in a few seconds you can commit the project in high quality and directly from the architect software.

Sector: VR / AR
HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
In portfolio 01. Jan 2017 – 11. Jan 2022

EnShape Exit

EnShape GmbH develops, produces and sells highly accurate and very fast 3D sensors, which simplify manifold automation task or even make such possible for the first time.
Purchaser: Cognex

Exit since October 2016.

In portfolio 05. Mar 2015 – 27. Oct 2016


Entelios is Germany’s first Demand Response aggregator and solution provider, pooling electrical loads of commercial and industrial energy users. Entelios builds and operates „virtual power plants“. Entelios markets the aggregated capacity to grid operators or provides Demand Response services to utilities.

Exit since Feb. 2014. Purchaser: EnerNOC, Inc.

Sector: Energy
In portfolio 19. Jan 2011 – 13. Feb 2014

envelio Exit

envelio is a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University and provides the Intelligent Grid Platform to distribution system operators for the next phase of the energy transition. Grid planning and operation processes are digitalized and automated by envelio’s IGP. This automation enables a faster and more cost-efficient integration of renewable generation and charging points for electric vehicles into the energy system. The core of envelio’s technology are optimization and machine learning algorithms based on the five PhD theses of the founders. envelio was founded in 2017 and now has 15 employees. Among envelio’s customers are e.g. Westnetz and E.DIS.

Sector: Energy
HTGF-Manager: Yann Fiebig
In portfolio 23. May 2018 – 17. Dec 2021


Erium GmbH was founded in 2019 and is based at the “gate” technology and start-up centre in Garching near Munich. The company currently has 10 employees and is a leader in technology for the optimisation of complex processes using AI. With its software solution HALerium, Erium is helping people from various disciplines to create their own AI models without needing to be data scientists. Erium is thus making machine learning accessible for all and helping people to overcome complexities.

Website: erium.de
HTGF-Manager: Gregor Haidl
Added to portfolio 20. Jan 2020

Etvas Exit

Hamburg-based Etvas GmbH was founded in December 2019 by financial services expert Sören Timm and IT entrepreneur Ilie Ghiciuc. Etvas is the world's first digital B2B2C marketplace for additional services from various providers that add value to the products and services of banks and insurance companies. With just one API, banks and insurance companies have quick access to all services on the Etvas marketplace thanks to the platform technology, which creates highly personalized customer experiences through a variety of relevant services. This customer engagement platform ensures better monetization of customer relationships while keeping implementation and usage costs low and customer retention high. Etvas partners can thus increase their market share.

In early 2019, Etvas' innovative service platform was awarded funding from the InnoFounder program of Hamburg-based IFB Innovationsstarter GmbH. Subsequently, Etvas received INVEST accreditation from the BMWi. In October of the same year, Etvas achieved a place in the fifth batch of the Next Commerce Accelerator. One of the first customers is Sparkasse Bremen, which offers its customers added value through individually tailored additional services.

HTGF-Manager: Christian Arndt
In portfolio 23. May 2018 – 06. Jul 2023


EverReal helps real estate companies to process transactions faster and smarter. The cloud-based platform enables large landlords, property managers and brokers to complete rental and sales transactions with more profitability and a unique customer experience for tenants / buyers.
With EverReal real estate companies can manage the complete letting and sales process in a customer-oriented, holistic and automated way - from the marketing, to the execution of the contract up to the handover of the property.

HTGF-Manager: Tobias Schulz
Added to portfolio 28. Oct 2019

eWings.com Exit

B2B software for easy and fast flight booking and management. eWings.com's mission is to make it as easy as possible to find, book and manage flights via web and mobile. The ideal travel companion for the professional frequent flyer. eWings.com sorts flight itineraries by stress - weighted by cheapest price, duration and stop-overs. The top search results are the best itineraries, always. Flights are presented on a time table to identify uncomfortable flights as easy as possible. eWings.com's focus is to provide the most simple booking process ever.
Purchaser: Hogg Robinson Group

Sector: Travel
Website: eWings.com
In portfolio 14. Apr 2015 – 23. May 2017


EXTOLL develops its own semiconductor IP for network components as well as its own ASIC chips for high-performance computing (HPC). EXTOLL networks are direct networks that can be operated without external switches or hosts for computing nodes.

Sector: Semiconductors
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
Added to portfolio 05. Sep 2012


eyefactive develops interactive MultiTOUCH displays in spectacular shapes, combined with innovative multi-user software. Their XXXL size enables multiple people to control apps together or parallel at the same time intuitively with hands. For effective marketing at tradeshows, POS and POI or improved communication in work environments.

HTGF-Manager: Jens Baumgärtner
Added to portfolio 16. May 2011


Eyeware is a Swiss computer vision startup developing 3D eye tracking software for consumer cameras with depth sensing. Eyeware launched in September 2016, as a spin-off from the Idiap Research Institute, with the mission to bring 3D eye tracking to consumer devices. In collaboration with industrial partners, Eyeware is bringing to market attention sensing applications in multiple industries, including robotics, automotive, healthcare, consumer devices, and retail.

HTGF-Manager: Axel Nitsch
Added to portfolio 20. Dec 2018


faCellitate develops patented polymeric surface coatings for plastic and glassware enabling 3-dimensional cell culture, amongst other uses. Initially, the technology was developed at the BASF research department for polymers. The company and team were formed at Chemovator during a nearly three year incubation period and spun-off end of 2021. During the period at Chemovator from BASF, the company turned the technology platform into a pipeline of high-tech applications and start building an international digital marketing platform.
faCellitate is also advancing its platform technology into other areas. Under the brand BIOINSTRUCT™, the company is applying its technology to modify polymer coated surfaces with peptides to create biospecific lab material surfaces for customers.
faCellitate has its offices in Mannheim in a startup incubator environment and its labs in Heidelberg.

Sector: R&D Tools
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Angelika Vlachou
Added to portfolio 14. Mar 2022

fairCamper (WOBI)

fairCamper (also known as WOBI in the DACH countries) is a portal for renting mobile homes and campers easily, cheaply and safely, which has been established on the market since 2018. WOBI fairCamper operates across Germany; from 2021 rental is also planned across Europe. Here, customers can easily, safely and directly book mobile homes with the rent and deposit insured. For small and medium-sized lessors, fairCamper offers a tailor-made SaaS solution including a booking widget for their own website, which is marketed directly via the fairCamper portal. With this product the rental process can be easily processed digitally, from booking through the rental agreement to payment.

HTGF-Manager: Frank Kerim Reinecke
Added to portfolio 13. Nov 2020


FairFleet is a full-service provider for drone powered solutions. The platform covers the entire value chain of drone services: from flight booking, airspace check and pilot acquisition to flight operations and data analytics.
FairFleet offers drone powered solutions to B2B customers in various industries such as real estate, insurance, energy, agriculture and infrastructure.
The platform makes it possible to offer drone flights to a broad target group with a one-stop shop approach and to carry out autonomous drone flights in the future. With more than 1.600 verified, insured and certified drone pilots FairFleet operates Europe’s largest drone pilot network.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Olaf Joeressen
Added to portfolio 23. Jul 2018


famPlus, a social care matching service for company employees. The quality controlled, standardized online plattform allows to easily identify the appropriate care giver and a taylor made matching based on personal needs of the working parents.

HTGF-Manager: Jens Baumgärtner
Added to portfolio 15. Jun 2011


FarmInsect is an AgriTech start-up from Munich, working on a solution for farmers to produce insect larvae from harvest residues. Insects enable the decentralised and safe production of food in the EU through circular economy and are replacing soy and fishmeal with regional and sustainable insect protein. Farmers receive weekly batches of larvae and raise these as a protein source with proprietary insect systems. FarmInsect offers a machine and IoT system that makes the automated fattening of insects easy.

Sector: AgTech
HTGF-Manager: Maximilian Scholz
Added to portfolio 20. Jul 2021


FAZUA Evation is a combination of a conventional and electro-drive bike.

Sector: Mobility
HTGF-Manager: Yann Fiebig
Added to portfolio 24. Jan 2014

Fiagon Exit

Fiagon develops a new medical navigation system for intraoperative process control and positioning of instruments for ENT, head-/ neck- and neurosurgery.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Bernd Goergen
In portfolio 15. Jun 2009 – 12. Sep 2020


Development, manufacture and marketing of patented magnetic closure and coupler technology for a variety of applications where a high degree of comfort and function is in demand.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Andreas Olmes
In portfolio 14. Sep 2007 – 25. Sep 2017


Filestage is a web application to share, review and approve media content with teams and clients. Instead of sending emails back and forth, reviewers annotate their comments and change request directly inside the file. Revisions in Filestage are easy, efficient and clearly documented. Filestage supports reviews of videos, audio files, documents and designs. The web application is especially tailored to the needs of freelancers, ad agencies and marketing departments.

HTGF-Manager: Dominik Lohle
Added to portfolio 25. Oct 2016