EXTOLL develops its own semiconductor IP for network components as well as its own ASIC chips for high-performance computing (HPC). EXTOLL networks are direct networks that can be operated without external switches or hosts for computing nodes.

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24. October 2013

EXTOLL: HTGF, MBG Baden-Württemberg, EXTOREL, VRD and Business Angel Consortium invest in Networking Technology for High-Performance Computing.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is omnipresent – even though it may not be obvious: weather forecasts, climate research, fluid dynamics simulations to improve the energy-efficiency of transportation, synthetic chemistry discoveries of catalysts and customized pharmaceuticals, and many more advances indicate how often huge amounts data must be processed using complex calculations within a short time-to-solution. Today, HPC is performed on clusters of computers (nodes) interconnected by mean

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Ulrich Krackhardt


c/o Universität Mannheim
B6, 26
68159 Mannheim

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05. Sep 2012

Dr. Andreas Olmes

Principal / Authorized Signatory