Emergence Therapeutics

Development of antibody conjugate-based cancer therapeutics for solid tumors with high unmet needs that are otherwise difficult to treat
Problem: Solid cancers are still very difficult to treat. Most treatments increase life expectancy, but only a few lead to a complete cure. Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) have proven to be a promising therapeutic approach, but still cause significant and toxic side effects.

The solution: Emergence Therapeutics has identified several areas where ADCs can be improved. These are the antibody itself, the toxin used to kill the cancer cell, and the linker that couples the toxin to the antibody.

Technology/ IP: The antibody-related IP is in-licensed from the University of Aix-Marseille (France) and the toxin-related IP is in-licensed from Heidelberg Pharma.
The IP and all results generated for the ADC in development will be out-licensed or sold by Emergence.


Jack Elands – President & CEO

  • Biologist / pharmacologist by training
  • Active in pharma / biotech for 28 years
  • Founder and manager (CEO) of 6 biotech companies
  • Negotiated many pharma and biotech deals

Carsten Dehning – CFO

  • Diplom Kaufmann by training
  • Close to 20 years’ experience in the Life Science industry
  • CFO and/or CEO of 7 life science companies spanning 6 countries
  • Negotiated and closed multiple M&A and licensing transactions; key role in 5 exits

Xavier Preville – CSO

  • Cellular immunologist by training
  • Active in biotech for 21 years
  • Management of many pre-clinical research programs
  • Focused on onco-immunology R&D

Florence Lhospice – CDO

  • PharmD, PhD in human oncology
  • Active in pharma for 17 years
  • Head of CMC operations at Innate Pharma
  • Head of ADC Programs at Innate Pharma (technology & targets)
  • Active member in due diligence with top pharma and biotech for in and out licensing (BMS, AZ, and others)

Press releases

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