FairFleet is a full-service provider for drone powered solutions. The platform covers the entire value chain of drone services: from flight booking, airspace check and pilot acquisition to flight operations and data analytics.
FairFleet offers drone powered solutions to B2B customers in various industries such as real estate, insurance, energy, agriculture and infrastructure.
The platform makes it possible to offer drone flights to a broad target group with a one-stop shop approach and to carry out autonomous drone flights in the future. With more than 1.600 verified, insured and certified drone pilots FairFleet operates Europe’s largest drone pilot network.

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Florian Waubke
Marco Kreuzer
Dario Manns
Alexander Engelfried


FairFleet GmbH
Gotzinger Str. 48
81371 München, Deutschland

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23. Jul 2018

HTGF Manager