HiperScan revolutionizes the spectrometry: With a microchip and a cheap single detector HiperScan creates new applications like handheld analyzing tools for the mass market.


HiperScan expands core business operations

The specialist known by pharmacists for near-infrared spectroscopy has acquired a new investor to finance the planned internationalisation of its operations The technology used by HiperScan is ideal for the rapid, cost-efficient identification of substances and substance mixtures. The Dresdner start-up company has…

HiperScan GmbH sets new standards in near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) analytic.

A revolution in the near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) is done by the implementation of an innovative micro scanner technology. This new technology is based on a microchip which deflects light in a reproducible manner. The already field tested and forward-looking base technology enables the fabrication of rather small,…

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23. Oct 2008