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In order to achieve the wind energy policy goals, we need intelligent solutions that decisively advance the targeted expansion of wind energy. Planning and approval procedures must be accelerated, species protection assessments simplified, acceptance increased - Caeli Wind offers solutions for all of this - digitally and intelligently. We aim to advance the energy transition together. Caeli Wind is a cloud-based, intelligent platform that identifies wind potential areas and enables quick marketing. We use precise analyzes with the overriding goal of significantly increasing the probability of project development being implemented. On our marketplace, we bring project planners and land owners together and create space liquidity for the expansion.

Cuculus supplies and operates software solutions for the energy sector and beyond. ZONOS, our core product, is only the starting point from which we develop tailor-made solutions together with our customers and partners. As an IoT platform for critical infrastructures, ZONOS is perfectly tailored to the specific needs of Smart Metering, Smart City and Smart Grid applications. Our platform offers the ability to control millions of devices and process the data supplied by them. Due to the large number of interfaces, ZONOS can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing system landscape. ZONOS enables the provision of complete service concepts or individual end customer products and can grow with the technical, commercial and procedural requirements of our customers.

enexion secures enduring energy procurement cost and risk reductions for industry and medium sized businesses. Based on the innovative IT platform, enexion implements comprehensive energy procurement solutions for clients.

Entelios is Germany’s first Demand Response aggregator and solution provider, pooling electrical loads of commercial and industrial energy users. Entelios builds and operates „virtual power plants“. Entelios markets the aggregated capacity to grid operators or provides Demand Response services to utilities.

Exit since Feb. 2014. Purchaser: EnerNOC, Inc.

envelio is a spin-off from RWTH Aachen University and provides the Intelligent Grid Platform to distribution system operators for the next phase of the energy transition. Grid planning and operation processes are digitalized and automated by envelio’s IGP. This automation enables a faster and more cost-efficient integration of renewable generation and charging points for electric vehicles into the energy system. The core of envelio’s technology are optimization and machine learning algorithms based on the five PhD theses of the founders. envelio was founded in 2017 and now has 15 employees. Among envelio’s customers are e.g. Westnetz and E.DIS.

everyone energy offers white-label software for customized advisory services on renewable energy solutions. The software enables energy service providers to build digital customer services and automate sales processes. Everyone energy's solutions help overcome the complexity and lack of transparency of the energy industry's regulatory framework and lead to a more efficient energy transition. The company was founded in August 2021 by Céline Göhlich, Fabian Reetz and Florian Gmeiner and is based in Berlin.

Gilytics, an ETH Zurich spin-off, was founded in 2017 by Stefano Grassi, Heather Pace Clark and Philippe Bieri. The company’s software, Pathfinder, is a Geographic Information System (GIS) cloud platform used for overhead line and underground cable connections, identifying routes with the lowest cost or least overall impact on the public and the environment. The solution helps clients to automate infrastructure routing, monitoring and management with big data and specialized algorithms to reduce time, costs and CO2.

Heliatek GmbH, a spin-off of the Technical University Dresden and the University of Ulm. heliatek focusses on research and development and perspectively with the production of organic solar cells for electricity generation.

HighLine Technology GmbH develops and commercializes high-precision printing technology for the semiconductor industry. The current focus is the introduction of the parallel dispensing technology for the metallization of solar cells. The dispensing print heads enable parallel and homogeneous printing of high aspect ratio contact linesat finger widths below 30 µm. HighLine’s Dispensing Print Heads thereby enable the reduction of material costs at increased production throughputs for the application of print media. In addition, HighLine develops automation solutions for the integration of print heads in existing production platforms and thus cooperates with established automation manufacturers. The core competences of the company are component and process development for dispensing technologies.

Lighting as a Service: Intelligent lighting with M2M (Machine to Machine) services in outdoor sector with focus on Information, Communication, Energy efficiency (ICE).

Exit since November 2016.

Kiwigrid is an energy management system, which is connecting producers of renewable energy, consumers, storages, electric mobility and the energy grid with Microgrids.
Purchaser of HTGF-Shares: AQTON SE

Exit since December 2016.

Next Kraftwerke links microgeneration plants and creates a virtual power plant. Pooling such plants makes unused resources available to the electricity market

node.energy offers a software-as-a-service for the commercial optimization of local energy concepts – so-called microgrids. This allows industrial and commercial companies with on-site power generation to reduce both, their energy costs and CO2 footprint. The company is supported by the Climate-KIC Accelerator of the European Union and is the winner of the Startup Award 2017 of the auditing company EY. node.energy was founded in 2016 by Matthias Karger and Lars Rinn and is based in Frankfurt am Main.

Die RABOT CHARGE GmbH ist ein unabhängiger Anbieter lastvariabler Energietarife, der für Privatkunden die Optimierung des häuslichen Lademanagements von Elektroautos übernimmt. Die Dienstleistung umfasst die AI-basierte Optimierung des Strombezugs sowohl aus Erzeugungsanlagen der Kunden als auch die untertägige Optimierung am Strom-Intradaymarkt mittels einer Börsenschnittstelle, die einen automatisierten Handel möglich macht. Das Unternehmen wurde 2021 von Jan Rabe und Maximilian Both gegründet und hat seinen Sitz in Hamburg.



Solandeo provides highly affordable, independent metering and power management solutions that enable the market integration of renewable energy plants. Plant operators benefit from rapid amortisation and the free choice of green energy trader.

Sunvigo is revolutionizing the use of solar power for homeowners. The company offers its customers solar power from their own roof as part of an electricity contract, combined with battery storage and charging devices for electric cars if desired. In the future, Sunvigo would like to take the step towards becoming a virtual power plant operator and also make surplus solar power from the Sunvigo Community available to people without suitable roof space. Sunvigo was founded in 2020 and is based in Cologne.