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Heliatek GmbH, a spin-off of the Technical University Dresden and the University of Ulm. heliatek focusses on research and development and perspectively with the production of organic solar cells for electricity generation.


HighLine Technology GmbH develops and commercializes high-precision printing technology for the semiconductor industry. The current focus is the introduction of the parallel dispensing technology for the metallization of solar cells. The dispensing print heads enable parallel and homogeneous printing of high aspect ratio contact linesat finger widths below 30 µm. HighLine’s Dispensing Print Heads thereby enable the reduction of material costs at increased production throughputs for the application of print media. In addition, HighLine develops automation solutions for the integration of print heads in existing production platforms and thus cooperates with established automation manufacturers. The core competences of the company are component and process development for dispensing technologies.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Olaf Joeressen
Added to portfolio 22. Feb 2021


Renewable electricity and yet unused, undervalued gases (e.g. CO2) can be converted into sustainable products such as climate neutral gasoline, clean Diesel and e-kerosene, high-quality waxes, green methanol or renewable synthetic natural gas (altogether: e-products). INERATEC (IC) sells compact plants for these conversions or invests into e-product production sites.
IC´s technology solves several challenges of the energy transition: management of a fluctuating supply of renewable energy, large and long-term energy storage as well as sustainable mobility and climate neutrality. Synthetic fuels will especially be needed for heavy-duty and maritime transportation as well as aviation. E-products are a viable option for the defossilization of many industries currently depending on fossil resources.

Next Kraftwerke

Next Kraftwerke links microgeneration plants and creates a virtual power plant. Pooling such plants makes unused resources available to the electricity market