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WPX Faserkeramik GmbH significantly improves energy efficiency and product quality in industrial heat treatment processes for metals by providing oxide fiber ceramic components made of patent registered Whipox® high performance ceramics used as refractories.

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22. January 2015

Ceramic Matrix Composites for Industrial Heat Treatment: Constantia Industries Investing in WPX Faserkeramik

In December 2014, Constantia New Business GmbH, a subsidiary of Constantia Industrie AG (CIAG), signed an equity participation agreement with WPX Faserkeramik GmbH for a seven-figure round of A Series funding. The corporate investor from Vienna serves as a strategic partner in support of young technology companies. The investment places it alongside DLR and HTGF as the third institutional shareholder in the company. "By gaining CIAG as a corporate investor, WPX can now position itself as a qu
23. January 2014

WPX Faserkeramik: HTGF invests into energy efficiency in metal refining

The European market volume for industrial heat treatment of metals exceeds EUR 25 bn annually. Conventional kiln furniture for industrial furnaces is typically made of metals or ceramics. This causes significant costs due to energy inefficiency, equipment downtime and wearout, and deficient products. Both metals and ceramics waste a significant share of thermal output due to their heat capacity. Furthermore, metals show strong corrosion and warping at temperatures above 750 °C (1380 °F), an

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