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LignoPure GmbH is a spin-off of the TU Hamburg that enables the valorization of Lignin, a byproduct of ethanol biorefineries and the pulp and paper industry, via a proprietary technology. The startup is pioneering in the use of lignin in care products and biobased high-performance materials. As key technology partner, LignoPure supports their customers in launching their own innovative and sustainable products by not only providing the tailored raw material but offering development services in the areas of material and life sciences.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Nikolaus Raupp
Added to portfolio 09. Dec 2020


ReCatalyst is on a mission to revolutionize the proton exchange membrane fuel cell industry by providing customizable next-generation platinum-alloy catalyst solutions. Our primary focus is to enable the massive scalability of high-power fuel cells while optimizing the usage of precious platinum group metals. Leveraging our revolutionary nano-technological platform, we are dedicated to expediting the decarbonization of the energy and transport sectors. By developing ground-breaking (electro)catalyst materials, we strive to play a pivotal role in advancing the clean energy transition and driving a sustainable future. More at www.recatalyst.si

ReCatalyst, d.o.o. is a spin-out company from the National Institute of Chemistry (Ljubljana, Slovenia) founded in early 2021 by co-founders Tomaž Bizjak and Dr. Matija Gatalo. Since inception, the company has received multiple awards including EIT Raw Materials Jumpstarter 2020, BASF Innovation Hub 2021 as well as most recently Slovenian ‘Start-up of the Year’ 2023. The company’s foundations have been developed within the frameworks of publicly funded projects such as the ERC Proof of Concept ‘StableCat’, EIT Raw Materials Accelerator as well as recently also the prestigious EIC Transition ‘ENABLER’

Smarterials Technology

Smarterials Technology GmbH is a young MedTech company with high competence in the fields of inorganic chemistry, surface functionalization and process technology. The company was founded by two material scientists and one economist and develops disposable gloves for healthcare workers based on innovative materials. The double-layer gloves are optimized for infection control and tactile sensitivity, provide a dual contamination barrier, and visually indicate perforations from needle punctures. The two-in-one gloves are designed to replace double-cloving, which is practiced primarily during surgeries.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Katharina Severin
Added to portfolio 07. Sep 2021

traceless materials

The circular bioeconomy startup traceless materials has developed a holistically sustainable alternative for plastics and bioplastics that is fully compostable in nature, contributing to solve the global plastic pollution.

HTGF-Manager: Johannes Weber
Added to portfolio 23. Apr 2021

WPX Faserkeramik

WPX Faserkeramik GmbH significantly improves energy efficiency and product quality in industrial heat treatment processes for metals by providing oxide fiber ceramic components made of patent registered Whipox® high performance ceramics used as refractories.

HTGF-Manager: Kay G. Balster
Added to portfolio 13. Dec 2013