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Since 2010 Veodin is building productivity tools for management consultants and other users of Microsoft Office.

KeyRocket is an add-on software which teaches all keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office Products (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Word). KeyRocket also adds 45 “missing” shortcuts to Excel & PowerPoint and lets users create their own shortcuts.

SlideProof solves a longstanding pain for management consultants: the flawless visual presentation of their content. Consultants spend a lot of time with end formatting and manual searching for mistakes (eg, douple spaces, misaligned title placeholders). Proofing is mostly done minutes prior to deadlines under enormous time pressure.

SlideProof analyzes the presentation, compiles a list of inconsistencies and offers options to remove them easily. Examples include moving the mis-positioned title back in place or using the same kind of “light blue” in the whole presentation. Also number formatting and other elements of corporate design like font types and sizes can be checked. SlideProof’s main benefits are less errors in final presentations and time saving on finding and fixing.

Customers rent annual licenses per employee. Single licenses are 149 EUR annually. Volume licenses are discounted for example for 1,000 users: 89 EUR annually per user

Technology/ IP:  Microsoft Windows PowerPoint C# Add-in based on Microsoft .Net 3.5 and Microsoft Azure

Press releases

15. August 2018
Templafy Acquires Veodin and SlideProof, Adding Berlin Office
Templafy, a global leader in enterprise template management and document creation, announced today that it has acquired Berlin-based Veodin, making Veodin’s popular ‘SlideProof’ add-in part of Templafy’s enterprise communications productivity and governance platform. SlideProof is a PowerPoint add-in designed for management consultants & professionals to streamline presentation creation with improved visual quality. Templafy and Veodin each offer essential tools in the document cre
12. June 2012
KeyRocket received seed financing from High-Tech Gründerfonds
High-Tech Gründerfonds invests as lead investor in KeyRocket (Veodin Software GmbH). KeyRocket is a unique trainer for keyboard shortcuts and software knowledge. The financing round enables the international distribution of KeyRocket as well as expanding the team to accelerate product development for additional applications and platforms. KeyRocket shows users time-saving keyboard shortcuts, when they use slow and inefficient mouse clicks. The shortcut hints appear as subtle pop-ups, which d

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20. Apr 2012 – 24. Jul 2018

HTGF Manager

Dr. Tanja Emmerling, Partner