True innovation: Soluterials is an emerging start-up that transforms pure aluminium scrap (secondary aluminium) into a revolutionary nanostructured high-performance aluminium material called SoluteriAL. Soluterials focuses on sustainability and responsibility - SoluteriAL requires no alloying elements, rare earths, nanoparticles or other critical resources. The patented process is extremely low energy and creates a unique nanostructure that combines previously unimagined material properties. At the same time, the material remains pure, allowing unlimited recycling. 

As a pioneer in materials manufacturing, Soluterials strives to enable strong and lightweight designs for demanding technical applications. Its expertise extends in particular to the electronics, e-mobility and aerospace sectors. With SoluteriAL, Soluterials is shaping the future of materials science and contributing to innovation in many industries. 

Press releases

9. October 2023

Soluterials’ innovative and sustainable aluminium material revolutionises the industry – Seed investment from HTGF and business angels

Beelitz, 9 October 2023 – German start-up Soluterials has raised a seven-figure sum in the first closing of its seed round to accelerate the market launch of its innovative and sustainable high performance pure aluminium material »SoluteriAL«. SoluteriAL reduces the carbon footprint and offers superior properties compared to conventional aluminium metal or alloys, opening new opportunities for a wide range of industries. Backed by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and three business ang

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13. Sep 2023

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