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Pixel Photonics was founded in 2020 as a spin-off from the working groups of Prof. Wolfram Pernice and Prof. Carsten Schuck at WWU Münster by Nicolai Walter, Dr. Wladick Hartmann, Fabian Beutel, Martin Wolff and Christoph Seidenstücker with the goal to commercialize highly scalable single-photon detectors based on the waveguide-integrated SNSPD approach. Applications for Pixel Photonics technology are ranging from optical quantum computing, Quantum key distribution (QKD), microscopy to metrology and sensing. The company consists of an international team with 8 FTEs and has received venture funding from Quantonation and HTGF as well as research funding from the Federal Ministry of Education¬ and Research (BMBF) in addition to the EXIST research transfer grant.

Press releases

29. March 2022

Pixel Photonics, a Quantum technology spin-off from WWU Münster, raised 1.45 million euros in seed-funding from HTGF, Quantonation and business angels

Münster, 29th of March 2022 – Pixel Photonics, a start-up out of the physics department of WWU Münster founded in 2020, has raised 1.45 million euros in a seed-round from German VC fund High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), French quantum-focused VC fund Quantonation as well as the photonic industry veteran Dr. Hendrik Sabert. Pixel Photonics develops highly scalable integrated-optical single-photon detectors that enable scaling of solutions in quantum computing, QKD and imaging among

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30. Dec 2021


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