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Attenio GmbH develops software for manual assembly tasks of complex and varied products. The software package perfectly integrates the production staff into the digital information flow. Order data associated with the assembly order is extracted from the order management systems via direct interfaces and assigned to the correct 3D product data. The software is consistently geared to the needs of the fitters.

Website: attenio.de
HTGF-Manager: Jens Baumgärtner
Added to portfolio 04. Nov 2019


AudioCure Pharma is an innovative clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on developing treatments for audiological and neurological disorders with a high unmet medical need.

Our small molecules have shown Proof-of-Principle in preclinical models for a range of otic disorders including hearing loss, tinnitus and electrode insertion trauma as well as Parkinson’s Disease. The safety and tolerability of AudioCure’s lead compound AC102 has been demonstrated in a first-in-human clinical trial. Currently, a Proof-of-Concept, Phase 2 clinical trial evaluating AC102’s efficacy in patients with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss is underway across Europe.

Join us to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by these disorders and turn incurable hearing loss into a treatable event.

Sector: Hearing loss
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Christian Kannemeier
Added to portfolio 20. Apr 2012


AuditOne is an auditor pooling platform for smart contract audits, offering peer-reviewed smart contract audits and other security services in Web3. The company was founded in 2022 by Adrien Resch, Raja Sekhar Thota, and David Velek with the support of the venture builder Soonami.io.
We will match you with a pool of auditors tailored to your needs. With 400+ vetted auditors on our platform, we have experts for any request, while AuditOne handles all operations and oversees the process.

HTGF-Manager: Tobias Schulz
Added to portfolio 02. Nov 2023


autoaid is developing a self-learning, web-based car diagnostic system for professional use in car garages and operates the car service platform autoaid.de.

HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
Added to portfolio 31. Jul 2009

Avelios Medical

Avelios Medical offers a modular software platform for the digitization of workflows in hospitals and data-driven patient care. The state-of-the-art software digitizes and optimizes all workflows in hospitals in a user-friendly manner, offering numerous innovative functions such as an automatically generated doctor's letter or intelligent input fields for the documentation of patient treatment. In addition, the software automatically generates fully structured data, enabling the direct use of data-driven use cases and AI algorithms. The company is based in Munich and was founded in 2020 by Nicolas Jakob, Dr. Sebastian Krammer and Christian Albrecht.

Website: avelios.com
HTGF-Manager: Daniela Bach
Added to portfolio 21. Sep 2021

bab.la Exit

Multilingual language portal, including dictionaries, language quizzes, language games and a vocabulary trainer. Wiki-style approach allows users to collaborate.

Exit since April 2015. Purchaser: Oxford University Press (OUP).

Website: bab.la
HTGF-Manager: Romy Schnelle
In portfolio 29. Aug 2008 – 16. Apr 2015


Banxware is a software provider for Embedded Financial Services that enable digital platforms such as marketplaces, payments providers, POS providers, and other aggregators to offer white label financial products, especially loans to merchants. The company is headquartered in Berlin and was founded in September 2020 by Miriam Wohlfarth, Jens Röhrborn, Fabian Heiß, and Nicolas Kipp.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Ulrich Schmitt
Added to portfolio 29. Aug 2008


become.1 makes employee benefits easy. The all-in-one benefits platform from become.1 stands for minimal administrative effort for employers with maximum flexibility for employees.
Complex income tax regulations are translated into an intuitive process. Everything related to benefits can be managed via a central administration portal and connected to the existing system landscape - from the HRM- to the payroll system.
Employees can decide for themselves, according to their own needs, what type of benefits they want to use their budget for. The new standard for benefits.

HTGF-Manager: Daniela Bach
Added to portfolio 08. Aug 2022


beeOLED was founded in 2020 by OLED (organic-light-emitting-diodes) industry veterans Carsten Rothe (CTO, ex Novaled, Idemitsu) and Volodymyr Senkovskyy (COO, ex Novaled) with the goal to solve the last big challenge of OLED displays. Led by serial entrepreneur and Novaled co-founder Jan Blochwitz-Nimoth, the deep tech startup develops an efficient & stable deep-blue emitter to improve displays in phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and other displays. Its technology is based on making elementary emission from atoms fit for use in today’s vacuum processed OLED displays.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Gernot Berger
Added to portfolio 14. Dec 2020

Belyntic Exit

Modern therapeutic approaches face the challenge to combine efficacy, low undesired side effects and reasonable pricing. Therefore, drug substances become more and more complex, therapies become more personalized while overall life-cycle costs from drug discovery up to the manufacturing of the final therapeutic are on trial.
Peptides – or short proteins - represent a promising therapeutic class, and Belyntic’s PEC technology offers an innovative solution for their manufacturing. The linker-based approach enables parallel, efficient and highly selective purification and modification of chemically synthesized peptides. Belyntic offers kit products as well as cooperation projects and custom services for research institutions, custom peptide manufacturers as well as biotech and pharma companies.

Sector: R&D Tools
HTGF-Manager: Ulrike Kalapis
In portfolio 08. Apr 2019 – 10. Jul 2023

bentekk Exit

bentekk develops gas measurement instruments for detecting toxic pollutants in industrial applications.
10x faster measurements at lower total cost enable regulatory compliance and increase workplace safety.

HTGF-Manager: Johannes Weber
In portfolio 18. Mar 2016 – 21. Mar 2017

Betterfront Exit

Betterfront is a Munich-based investment technology company dedicated to alternative investments. Our end-to-end fundraising and data analytics platform helps fund managers attract, engage and retain institutional investors.

HTGF-Manager: Johannes Dierkes
Added to portfolio 31. Jul 2020


Bind-X, formerly Dust BioSolutions, is an industrial biotechnology company with core expertise in the development, production and sale of innovative bio-based binders. The Bind-Tech technology platform is capable of solidify almost any permeable material while integrating additional functional properties. Bind-X products always increase the sustainability of Bind-X customers in the global mining, agriculture and construction industries.

HTGF-Manager: Kay G. Balster
Added to portfolio 24. Feb 2015

bitstars Exit

bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) applications. Focus was laid on very intuitive usability and joy of use. The platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Exit since September 2016.

Sector: VR / AR
In portfolio 18. Jun 2014 – 30. Sep 2016


bookingkit is the smart booking solution for activity providers. Despite advancing digitization, the vast majority of activity providers still operate with pen and paper. bookingkit wants to digitize the industry. With its software solution, the company from Berlin helps activity providers to sell, manage and market their experiences.

Sector: Travel
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Tanja Emmerling
Added to portfolio 15. Jan 2015

BOX ID Systems

BOX ID Systems GmbH focuses on cross-location tracking and identification technology for supply chains. The company thus takes up the growing demands of its customers from the automotive sector and other manufacturing industries and consistently implements them in its product portfolio. BOX ID is known for its networked tracking sensors, which can be located anywhere and create a digital image of the entire supply chain using an intelligent software platform. Whether in closed rooms or on the road, goods and containers can be tracked throughout Europe thanks to BOX ID Systems. The "smart" tags can also be used to record locations on company premises and in buildings with zone accuracy. This is made possible by a new version of the intelligent BOX ID software, which uses the data from thousands of LPWAN tracking sensors for data acquisition, integrates them and merges them with the customer's data sources. The handling of the software itself is just as smooth: simple usability, universal programming interfaces (APIs) as well as a clear web interface support end-to-end processes without much effort for roll-out or training. Numerous companies from industry, automotive manufacturing and logistics are therefore already among the customers of the innovative logistics digitizers from Munich.

HTGF-Manager: Christian Ziach
Added to portfolio 27. Dec 2018


BTRY AG, a Swiss battery start-up and spin-off from Empa and ETH Zurich, aims to revolutionize energy storage with its fast-charging Li-ion solid-state battery. The innovation lies in the stacking of thin-film batteries, which enables fast charging with high energy density. The technology uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, is solvent-free and suitable for various applications such as IoT, consumer electronics and aerospace.

Sector: Battery
Website: www.btry.ch
HTGF-Manager: Timo Bertsch
Added to portfolio 15. Dec 2023


Bunch is a team management platform enabling companies to build, manage, and scale organizational culture with strategic hires and real-time analytics. Bunch’s Berlin-based team combines deep knowledge of organizational psychology with machine learning expertise, and they are building Bunch’s platform to be at the heart of every innovating organization. Bunch sends the strong message that a culture of growth is crucial to success, and proactive management is the best way to stay ahead. The team behind the Berlin-based company is led by Darja Gutnick (MSc. in Psychology), Anthony A. Reo (BA Conflict Analysis & Resolution) and Charles Ahmadzadeh (MSc. Software Engineering) and launched its service in 2017. Bunch is backed by High Tech Gründerfonds, Atlantic Labs, MAKERS and Hyperion Invest.

HTGF-Manager: Louis Heinz
Added to portfolio 15. Dec 2023

c-LEcta Exit

c-LEcta is a leading biotechnology company located in Leipzig, Germany. The company has established itself as a leading player in the realisation of high-value biotechnology products for regulated markets, either as in-house development or in close cooperation with the industry. c-LEcta innovation capability delivers cost-efficient and sustainable production processes, creating growth opportunities across existing and new markets.

HTGF-Manager: Marco Winzer
In portfolio 19. Jan 2006 – 15. Feb 2022


C-mo Medical Solutions is an award-winning Digital Health start-up that develops solutions for the diagnosis and management of cough-incident medical conditions. The company’s mission is to unravel the clinical potential of cough assessment and solve the major unmet medical needs associated with the management of chronic cough. The company was founded by Diogo Tecelão, Miguel Andrade, Filipe Valadas, Alexandra Lopes, Sara Lobo, and Nuno Neuparth, thus combining a wealth of knowledge on digital health, business development, and respiratory medicine.

Sector: Digital Health
HTGF-Manager: Niels Sharman
Added to portfolio 19. Jan 2006

C2S2 Exit

C2S2 digitizes corporate policies with an innovative linguistic approach and communicates them via the C2S2® Rulebook Dialogue-Platform, so that employees receive practical decision-making assistance across all regulations. The competence gained in this way helps companies and employees to act responsibly and in line with corporate values and to efficiently minimize risks.

HTGF-Manager: Daniela Bach
In portfolio 13. Dec 2018 – 21. Dec 2020

CA Customer Alliance

Customer Alliance is a software-as-a-service solution for hotel review management. Customer Alliance enables hotels guests to write a review after their stay. Hotel can distribute the reviews on the internet an do realtime quality management checks. Hotels save time and money with Customer Alliance.

Sector: Travel
HTGF-Manager: Frank Kerim Reinecke
Added to portfolio 22. Mar 2011

Caeli Wind

In order to achieve the wind energy policy goals, we need intelligent solutions that decisively advance the targeted expansion of wind energy. Planning and approval procedures must be accelerated, species protection assessments simplified, acceptance increased - Caeli Wind offers solutions for all of this - digitally and intelligently. We aim to advance the energy transition together. Caeli Wind is a cloud-based, intelligent platform that identifies wind potential areas and enables quick marketing. We use precise analyzes with the overriding goal of significantly increasing the probability of project development being implemented. On our marketplace, we bring project planners and land owners together and create space liquidity for the expansion.

Sector: Energy
HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
Added to portfolio 22. Mar 2011

Capical Exit

Capical is the world leading company for contact-free ECG-measurement via capacitive electrodes. The main application areas are drivers state monitoring for the automotive industry and contact-free cardiac monitoring solutions for medical applications.

HTGF-Manager: Kay G. Balster
In portfolio 27. Jul 2011 – 25. Apr 2023


Cardior is focused on the development and clinical validation of ncRNA therapeutics for patients with myocardial infarction and heart failure. Cardior aims to market its products in collaboration with a strategic pharma partner after clinical proof-of-concept (POC) data.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Frank Hensel
Added to portfolio 03. May 2017


casavi offers a digital communication and service platform for property management companies. By connecting landlords, tenants and residential service providers the casavi solution enables more cost-effective customer service processes while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

HTGF-Manager: Christian Arndt
Added to portfolio 03. Feb 2016


Cerchia AG was founded in 2020 by two Swiss capital markets and risk management veterans, Michael Rey (CEO) and Dr. Fabian Buchmann (COO). With the vision to create a more resilient world by enabling direct risk transfer between investors and buyers of insurance coverage (e.g. reinsurers or corporates). Cerchia has developed a proprietary direct risk transfer platform (DRTTM) on the Zilliqa Blockchain. The team is going to launch the first product in spring 2023 to provide attractive uncorrelated returns and climate risks hedge.
The team of seasoned experts in capital markets, risk management, blockchain and digital assets and has worked for firms such as UBS, SwissRe, Credit Suisse, Sygnum and 21.co. The Swiss fintech is backed by one of Germany's leading VCs, High-Tech Gründerfonds, private investors and the Swiss innovation agency, Innosuisse, and is headquartered in the heart of Crypto Valley in Zug with a presence in Singapore.

HTGF-Manager: Dominik Lohle
Added to portfolio 12. May 2022


CereGate is developing a Computer-Brain-Interface (“BCI”) platform that is already capable to successfully submit information into the human brain. The revolutionary software platform is clinically validated and allows for enhanced treatment of various neurological and psychiatric disorders. The CereGate platform is able to transmit information into the brain („Mind-Writing“), by utilizing state of the art neuromodulation technology. While focusing first on improving gait symptoms for Parkinson patients, CereGate aims to become a key enabling tech¬nology in the field of rehabilitation and (neuro)prosthetics.

Sector: Neuromodulation
HTGF-Manager: Kay G. Balster
Added to portfolio 06. Dec 2019


Certivity is a RegTech company developing a software platform to seamlessly connect the legal and regulatory world to the engineering processes resulting in smarter, safer, more transparent, more efficient, and cheaper management of regulatory requirements. The intelligent software will serve as one stop shop, to advance the reading and understanding of regulatory documents and the collaboration and Interpretation on regulatory requirements. The integration of regulatory requirements and their frequent updates into engineering processes will thus enable the traceability required in modern system engineering. Founded in 2021 by Nico Wägerle, Bogdan Bereczki, Jörg Ulmer, and Sami Vaaraniemi, Certivity brings together a young, creative, and dynamic team of highly skilled domain experts working on innovative RegTech software. Certivity has its headquarters in Munich and an additional site in Stuttgart.

HTGF-Manager: Kilian von Berlichingen
Added to portfolio 13. May 2022

Cevotec Exit

Cevotec sells the first production technology for carbon composites that works with fiber patches, enabling manufacturers to build complex composite parts in high volumes. As the key technology partner, Cevotec develops and provides production systems, composite design software and offers development services for prototypes and serial products.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Olaf Joeressen
In portfolio 05. Apr 2016 – 08. Jul 2021