Multilingual language portal, including dictionaries, language quizzes, language games and a vocabulary trainer. Wiki-style approach allows users to collaborate.

Exit since April 2015. Purchaser: Oxford University Press (OUP). is an online language portal available in 28 languages. It offers 39 free online dictionaries and many other language-related products.
The bilingual dictionaries include millions of translations and display all the essential information expected from a dictionary, such as grammar, synonyms or pronunciation but also conjugated forms of verbs and context sentences. Usage examples are very helpful for the users to pick the translation they need and use it in a proper context.

The language forum is a dynamic hub for many linguistic and cultural questions, hosting over 20,000 questions. Users can engage in conversations about languages and help each other with the various questions they have. offers conjugation tables for 11 languages to make it easier for users to conjugate verbs in the right forms. This is especially helpful for Romance languages such as Italian, French or Spanish.

The phrasebooks gather sentences that are typically used in certain situations. They are booklets for university, for business, for letters or even for holidays. These guides are available in all languages.

For some spare time activities, also offers games and quizzes about languages to let the users learn while having fun.

Finally, is an internship platform, where offers from all over the world are made available to the users.

Press releases

21. April 2015
Oxford Dictionaries Redefines Online Dictionary Content with Acquisition of Multilingual Online Language Portal
Oxford University Press (OUP), home of Oxford Dictionaries and the renowned Oxford English Dictionary, is pleased to announce its acquisition of the online language portal, a multilingual dictionary and translation website based in Hamburg, Germany, where language lovers gather online and use and develop translation resources for the world’s languages. The site complements Oxford’s own consumer website, which over the past few years has grown and given O

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