CereGate is developing a Computer-Brain-Interface (“BCI”) platform that is already capable to successfully submit information into the human brain. The revolutionary software platform is clinically validated and allows for enhanced treatment of various neurological and psychiatric disorders. The CereGate platform is able to transmit information into the brain („Mind-Writing“), by utilizing state of the art neuromodulation technology. While focusing first on improving gait symptoms for Parkinson patients, CereGate aims to become a key enabling tech¬nology in the field of rehabilitation and (neuro)prosthetics.


HTGF Financing Series A Cere Gate

Computer-Brain-Interface Company CereGate Closed Series A Financing Round The Healthtech VC Heal Capital led the round with participation of HTGF and TruVenturo CereGate, a leading German neurostimulation company developing a software-based Computer-Brain-Interface (CBI),…

CereGate GmbH receives financing from High-Tech Gründerfonds to accelerate development of a new software platform for neuromodulation therapy

CereGate enables “Mind-Writing”, i.e. it directly transmits information to the brain The CereGate system is successfully validated in a clinical study Study results are currently presented during the NANS-Meeting in Las Vegas High-Tech Gründerfonds enters with a capital…

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