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Kiutra develops fully-automatic cooling solutions for the generation of extremely low temperatures near absolute zero at -273°C. In contrast to conventional Helium based cooling methods, kiutra’s magnetic cooling technique is user-friendly, requires low-maintenance and is scalable. It is therefore highly suitable e.g. for the cooling of quantum technologies at industrial scale.

Press releases

24. November 2021

Capital for Quantum cooling – kiutra closes another financing round

Munich, November 24th 2021 – To calculate and solve complex problems faster than currently possible with supercomputers, to exchange information securely against eavesdropping and to determine physical quantities such as pressure, time, position, speed and magnetic fields with unprecedented accuracy: These promises and more combined with an immense economic potential are some of the possibilities of the second generation of quantum technologies. As extremely low temperatures, close
20. May 2019

Cool start to the age of quantum technologies – deep-tech startup kiutra completes seed investment round

Quantum technologies have the potential to propel computer and communication systems to a new level, paving the way for the next major tech revolution. For this to become a reality, however, extremely low operating temperatures verging on absolute zero (–273°C) are required. Industrial-scale implementation had previously been hindered by the absence of a scalable cooling solution – and this is exactly what kiutra is developing. The deep-tech startup is the first company worldwide that is ab

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09. May 2019


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