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GILUPI GmbH is a medical device company with focus on the development and production of innovative products for the in vivo isolation of rare cells from the circulation. Currently, the main focus of GILUPI is the diagnostics market for cancer.

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Individual oncological targeted therapies will become more and more important in tomorrow’s personalized medicine. The identification of the right drug for the specific patient is the upcoming challenge. To address this medical need, the application of the GILUPI CellCollector™ enriches rare cells (circulating tumor cells- CTCs) by directly “fishing” them in the patient’s bloodstream. By using special diagnostic analyses, these isolated cells can be characterized and/or analyzed at a molecular level. Thus, statements regarding the current status of the disease or/and the prognosis can be made. In addition, the physician is able to adjust the treatment immediately and optimize the therapy of the patient.

The GILUPI CellCollector™ is the first in vivo CTC isolation product worldwide with CE approval.


Dr. Klaus Luecke

Dr. Lücke brings to GILUPI more than 20 years of technical and entrepreneurial experience. Before founding GILUPI, he worked in Germany as well as in the US for Siemens AG, Bell Labs und Infineon AG. From 1999 until 2001 he was Vice President and General Manager of Infineon AG’s Business Unit in San Jose/USA. After coming back to Germany, he founded the Infineon Technologie ORION GmbH in Duisburg. He also served as Executive Director of Infineon Technologies AG in Munich, being responsible for various Design Centers in Singapore, Munich and Düsseldorf. He studied Physics at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

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