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hema.to is an easy-to-use software for clinical decision support for blood cancer from cytometry data using AI. hema.to makes the diagnostic workflow both faster and better, helping both diagnosticians as well as patients. hema.to is a CE-IVD, FDA registered and already in routine use by leading hematology laboratories. Founded in 2021, hema.to’s mission is to make clinical analysis of cytometry data completely objective, to enable doctors to personalize treatment to their patient’s unique immune system.

Refined Laser Systems GmbH, based in Münster, Germany, was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from University of Münster by Max Brinkmann, Tim Hellwig and Christoph Seidenstücker. The company's core expertise is the development of laser and microscopy technology. The company's innovative PICUS DUO and PICUS Q laser systems are used worldwide as key components for SRS microscopy and quantum technology. With the long-term goal of making a meaningful contribution to patient well-being and healthcare, Refined Laser Systems is committed to bringing its technology to clinical applications.

Sierra Sensors is combining state of the art label-free detection with cutting edge microfluidic sample delivery, sensor design, and automation, to supply researchers with high performance analytical biosensors.