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Gestures are the most natural and global form of human communication. But todays IT environment forces us to use abstract control devices, e.g. keypads, mouse, touch or – on a basic level – voice control. By introducing gestures to the human-machine-interface the communication becomes more intuitive, natural, faster and fun. Today, there are some proprietary 3D sensors in the market with linked software solutions but there is a lack of a stable, reliable as well as resource efficient middleware.

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gestigon (www.gestigon.com) has developed a camera agnostic and platform independent middleware software for gesture recognition and –control for full body, hand- and finger gestures. gestigon’s software solution is – by 10x and more – far more resource efficient and has a smaller computational footprint as any known competitive product and, at the same time, is more stable, more detailed and with less latency. gestigon also has a unique UX/UI design available. The solution is protected by patents in the global key markets and further applications are in preparation.

The business model of gestigon is based on a scalable B2B licensing model. Additional pilot projects, maintenance contracts etc are offered. gestigon is the global market leader for software solutions in the segment automotive.

gestigon is located in Lübeck, Germany, has an office in the Silicon Valley and 21 employees. The management team consists of Moritz von Grotthuss (CEO) and Sascha Klement (CTO). The shareholders of the company are the management, HTGF, MBG-SH and two professors of the university of Lübeck.

Press releases

1. September 2015

gestigon closes a successful Series A financing

gestigon GmbH, a startup based in Lübeck, Germany, has announced that it closed a third financing round (Series A) in July 2015. The lead investor is nbr technology ventures GmbH, with additional investments from Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures and High-Tech Gründerfonds. According to CEO Moritz v. Grotthuss, the amount raised in this round was “several million” USD. The company will use the funds to accelerate growth in its business, which is focused on licensing its gesture control and s
4. December 2014

gestigon closes Series A financing to strengthen its market position as a leading provider of gesture control software solutions

gestigon successfully closed a series A financing. The seven-digit-USD investment was committed by two of the investors of the seed funding, HTGF and MBG-SH, as well as one of the founding shareholders and three high net worth business angels. This series A financing shall be used to enhance the customer orientated business development in Europe and North America as well as to set up a presence in Asia. Sascha Klement, founder and CTO of gestigon, comments, “With this financing we have the po
15. January 2013

Natural User Interfaces – Device control with gestures: gestigon receives seed financing

gestigon develops software to control devices without contact solely by gestures. The solution, the team and the latest development of the company convinced the High-Tech Gründerfonds and the Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Schleswig-Holstein. They have jointly invested into gestigon and thereby support the international market entry of the Lübeck-based start-up. gestigon develops solutions for gesture recognition and control on the basis of 3D cameras. The software is the only i

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