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enercast is a leading technology provider for weather-based artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of renewable energy.

Its self-learning SaaS products deliver accurate power generation forecasts for wind and solar plants, thus enabling the integration of renewable energy into power grids and energy markets worldwide. The enercast platform supplies the digital actors of the emerging decentralized energy system with the intelligence they need to manage limited resources with foresight.

Founded 2011 in Kassel, Germany, enercast delivers 100 million forecast data points per day to 20 countries around the globe, covering 180 GW of installed capacity.

HTGF-Manager: Markus Kreßmann
Added to portfolio 30. Mar 2012


Eyeware is a Swiss computer vision startup developing 3D eye tracking software for consumer cameras with depth sensing. Eyeware launched in September 2016, as a spin-off from the Idiap Research Institute, with the mission to bring 3D eye tracking to consumer devices. In collaboration with industrial partners, Eyeware is bringing to market attention sensing applications in multiple industries, including robotics, automotive, healthcare, consumer devices, and retail.

HTGF-Manager: Axel Nitsch
Added to portfolio 20. Dec 2018

Geospin GmbH Exit

Geospin develops a B2B software-as-a-service solution for the analysis of geodata using machine learning methods. The solution makes it possible to link up internal company data with external geodata to produce real time predictions of when and where clients' products or services are in demand. The software unites the internal data of clients with more than 700 external pieces of information on the surrounding area, including weather, traffic, demographics, social media and points of interest such as restaurants and public institutions. Geospin's clients include HTGF fund investors Thüga and Bosch as well as Siemens, Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn and Union Investment. The idea was developed by founders Dr. Sebastian Wagner, Dr. Johannes Bendler, Dr. Christoph Gebele, Niklas Goby and Dr. Tobias Brandt at the Information Systems Research department at the University of Freiburg. Geospin is backed by High-Tech Gründerfonds as well as Thüga AG.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Maurice Kügler
In portfolio 11. Jun 2018 – 06. Jan 2020


Natif.ai is a deep-tech start-up in the field of intelligent document process automation (IDP). Thanks to high-performance AI models and a self-developed Deep-OCR, a wide variety of documents can be analyzed extremely quick, accurate and relevant data is extracted. Natif.ai provides a fast and efficient way to productively bring artificial intelligence into the economy. It was founded by a German-French team and is an official spin-off of the German Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).

Website: natif.ai/en
HTGF-Manager: Christian Arndt
Added to portfolio 31. Jul 2020

Neural Concept

Deep learning and AI have revolutionized how images, sounds and natural language are processed. However, software for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for the development of technical products is still using traditional techniques. Neural Concept Shape is the first deep learning software solution dedicated to Computer Assisted Engineering and Design. The cloud-based simulation software allows clients to speed up development cycles, enhance product performance and reduce computational costs.

Neural Concept was founded in the spring of 2018. The start-up is a spin-off from EPFL’s computer vision laboratory where the founding team developed the fundamental technology. The company has also been supported by the Venture Kick support scheme.

HTGF-Manager: Gregor Haidl
Added to portfolio 02. May 2019


NYRIS provides a state-of-the-art image and object recognition engine using latest Artificial Intelligence frameworks. The unique concept delivers very accurate results for 1D (codes), 2D (print2web) and 3D (real world products) typically below one second. The solution is available „as-a-service“ for both retail and industry customers.

Website: nyris.io
In portfolio 23. Dec 2016 – 13. Jul 2018


Samp was founded in 2020 and has based its development on a strong alliance between industrial experience – the CEO and COO together combine more than 35 years of experience with industrial operators, equipment manufacturers and industrial service companies – and cutting-edge expertise in Deep Learning and 3D, with the team having 3 PhDs and 8 patents in these fields.

Website: www.samp.ai
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Gernot Berger
Added to portfolio 29. Jul 2022


SKY ENGINE AI is an advanced Data Science technology and research company incorporated in 2018 and founded as a scientific spin-off in London, UK. The company markets the SKY ENGINE AI platform for Deep Learning in Virtual Reality, which is the next-generation of Active Learning AI system for image and video analysis applications. SKY ENGINE AI Platform allows building optimal, customised AI models from scratch and training them in Virtual Reality. SKY ENGINE AI software creates virtual and generative world, where objects and events can be simulated in a variety of configurations and environmental conditions (sometimes very rare and difficult to spot in a real world). SKY ENGINE AI allows creating digital twin of the sensor, drone, robot or UAV putting it through testing and training in virtual environment prior to real-world deployment.

HTGF-Manager: Dominik Lohle
Added to portfolio 30. Jul 2021


Osnabrück-based start-up VisioLab offers AI-based self-checkout solutions for the food service providers. The company's solutions are designed to simplify the checkout process and improve the customer experience while reducing labour costs. The founders Tim Niekamp (CEO) and Iwo Gernemann (COO) are supported by an 18-member international team.

HTGF-Manager: Dominik Lohle
Added to portfolio 12. Dec 2022