MedTech Pitch Day 2023: Connecting Startups with Industry Leaders, Investors, and Decision-Makers

The MedTech Pitch Day, organised by HTGF, Dräger, B.Braun, Techniker Krankenkasse and the Health Innovation Port, is just around the corner. What can founders expect at the event and why should they definitely apply? We spoke to Anke Cassing, Principal at HTGF, and Jakob Lilienweiss, Investment Analyst at HTGF, to find out.

The MedTech Pitch Day will take place on March 29th in Berlin. Can you tell us more about the event and what founders can expect?

Anke: The event has developed into a true showcase for innovative start-ups in the medical technology field. Founders can expect the opportunity to connect with potential investors and decision-makers from leading medical technology companies as well as gain expert knowledge in keynotes and workshops.

Jakob: Our goal is to provide a platform for start-ups to network and promote their solutions. In recent years, for instance, we’ve seen a rise of digitalization in the Medtech sector, with many start-ups utilizing modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to screen large amounts of medical images and data or combining these with hardware. The MedTech Pitch Day brings this disruption to one table.

Anke Cassing - Jakob Lilienweiss
Anke Cassing, Principal at HTGF and Jakob Lilienweiss, Investment Analyst at HTGF

Can you tell us about your personal highlights of past MedTech Pitch Day events?

Anke: Last year, we welcomed many innovative start-ups from all over the world and received more than 150 applications for the pitch sessions. I was thrilled by the diversity of cutting-edge technologies presented. One standout of the past editions was Angiolutions, a medical technology company that has developed the first device to treat small aneurysms. You can learn more about the founder’s exciting start-up story in our latest video interview.

How can start-ups apply to present at the event?

Anke: Start-ups can apply by registering on our website by January 31st and uploading their non-confidential pitch deck. Our expert panel will review the applications.

What types of start-ups are you looking for?

Jakob: We’re looking for innovative start-ups in the Medtech and Healthtech fields.  We want to create an interesting mix between hardware start-ups, but also asset-light solutions.

Do you have any final thoughts for start-ups considering applying?

Anke: The MedTech Pitch Day is not only about the event itself, but also about the network which has been created. It is an excellent opportunity for early-stage start-ups to promote their ideas and assert themselves on the market. We’re excited to see the medical technology for tomorrow that will be presented at this year’s event.

Jakob: Yes, the MedTech Pitch Day is a great opportunity for start-ups to showcase their solutions in front of leading venture capital investors and key players in the Medtech industry. We encourage start-ups to take advantage of this opportunity.

Anke, Jakob, thank you very much for the interview – and if you out there now feel like being a part of #MTPD23, you can apply right here.

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