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How do you sell solutions to the public sector as a start-up?

Large parts of our school system are stuck in the 20th century. It’s a reality that we’ve certainly come to understand since the pandemic, if not before. Many schools found it really tough to make the switch to remote teaching, often due to a lack of digital infrastructure. HTGF portfolio company Sdui has a solution to overcome this issue, as it also targets the public sector – and mainly the bodies funding schools – in its sales. Sdui is our guest in this episode of the HTGF Start-up Stories.

Based in Koblenz, the start-up began as a school project and is now active in seven countries. Its product, which is used in over 5,000 schools, is what Sdui describes as a central operating system for schools. It helps teachers to organise their lessons digitally, while also offering a messenger service, video call function, cloud storage for the central administration of school materials and a wide range of other tools for the school day.

Sdui’s mission it to make life easier for teachers, pupils and parents. There are many challenges to overcome: Everybody should be equally able to understand and use the product. And on top of that, the security requirements and data protection regulations are very high. Founder and CEO Daniel Zacharias explains how Sdui tackles these challenges in our latest episode of Start-up Stories. In just five minutes, Daniel takes us through the exciting world of govtechs, the term used to describe start-ups that work for the public sector. What special challenges does he see in selling products to public institutions? Is there anything that start-ups looking to enter this field should bear in mind? And how does a young entrepreneur achieve success, especially at an early stage? Find out in our entertaining interview.

A big thank you to Daniel for all his insights!

Are you a govtech entrepreneur or are you looking to found a start-up in this field? Get in touch with our senior investment manager Maurice Kügler to share your experience and ideas. He looks forward to hearing from you.

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