Sense Inside GmbH finishes second round financing successfully

Sense Inside GmbH has finished its second round financing successfully during its development phase. A group of private investors certifies Sense Inside GmbH great impact on the field of medical engineering. Leading edge technology in diagnostics and therapy of teeth grinding (bruxism) developed by Sense Inside GmbH is now close to market launch. Sales and marketing as well as finalization of the product development stage are now financed.

A group of private investors made a seven-digit investment for the finalization of Sense Inside´s innovative medical product SensoBite as well as for sales and marketing activities. Three private investors made their commitment to Sense Inside GmbH to provide funds until a positive cash-flow is reached.

For the first time in dental medicine the innovative system developed by Sense Inside is able to provide a long-term diagnostic and therapy for bruxism. Around 10% of the population is suffering from bruxism better known as teeth grinding, which causes a high physiological strain among the people concerned. Due to the integration of this system in a bite guard splint the moments of occurrence of bruxism and its duration can now be monitored and diagnosed. Thereby, the cause of bruxism can be identified and alteration of the course of the disease can be turned into to a patient-specific therapy. Supported by a feedback mechanism the system is able to facilitate the cure of bruxism in a completely new way.

The development of this system was conducted in close cooperation with experts and opinion leaders in the dental field. Sense Inside´s President, Mr. Johannes Clauss states: “On tradeshows and congresses specialists approved Sense Inside’s system high medical benefit. Finally, accurate diagnosis and monitoring of the course of disease is now made possible. According to the dental doctors our product contributes great impact to the cure of bruxism-patients.”

The world-market for bite guard splints addressed by Sense Inside has a market potential in the range of billions and offers attractive margins. “We are very happy to welcome experienced and successful entrepreneurs as partners in our company. Now, we can focus on implementing a successful market launch”, announces Mr. Hans-Georg Gruber, Sense Inside´s Co-President.

“Sense Inside GmbH with its product addresses a high physiological strain common to a growing number of patients. The young and motivated founder-team of Sense Inside aims at a big market with an innovative and useful product”, emphasizes Mr. Dieter J. Vollstedt, member of the advisory board of Sense Inside GmbH.
About Sense Inside GmbH
Sense Inside GmbH is a spin-off from the Heinz-Nixdorf chair for Medical Electronics from the Technischen Universität München. Its main focus is the development of sensors with wireless communication especially in the field of dental medicine. Sense Inside´s core-product is a system to diagnose and monitor the occurrence of bruxism (teeth grinding), with high accuracy and quality to help its diagnosis and therapy.


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