is a platform for token-based investments in German startups, developed by corpus GmbH, a company founded in 2022 by Christoph Jentzsch in Mittweida. With currently eight employees, offers an innovative solution for companies seeking capital and investors. The platform also enables employee participation based on the same fungible token used for fundraising. Through flexible fundraising options, startups receive capital outside of traditional funding rounds and can effectively incentivize their community. revolutionizes access to investment and encourages participation in the success of promising startups.

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11. September 2023

Shares by token: Investments and employee participation at the click of a mouse

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), w3fund and seed + speed as well as several business angels join, a platform for token-based corporate financing and employee participation, as investors. The total funding amounts to € 2 million. offers an innovative approach to give German private limited companies (GmbH) access to the capital market. Goal: Expansion of the platform with new Public Offer feature founder Christoph Jentzsch has experience in bu

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11. Sep 2023


HTGF Manager

Dominik Lohle, Senior Investment Manager