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The Global Sourcing Platform provided by pliXos GmbH secures the quality of globally distributed software and IT services in an efficient and economic way. The customers benefit from enhanced transparency and control over the projects.

Exit since August 2016.

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Press releases

3. July 2009

High-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Kapital invest in the “Global Sourcing Platform” by pliXos GmbH

With its Global Sourcing Platform, pliXos GmbH offers a solution for the industrialisation of global sourcing projects. The platform allows for quality assurance and the control of third-party software and IT services, thus reducing the costs. The pliXos approach as Software-as-a-Service – beyond company boundaries – also reduces the customer’s entry-barriers and operational costs and offers unique synergy effects. The use of established open source components compared to proprietary syste

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Jörg Stimmer


Agnes-Pockels-Bogen 1
80992 München

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07. Apr 2009 – 24. Aug 2016