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WISE Srl is a Milan and Berlin-based company developing genuinely novel and minimally-invasive implantable leads for Neuromodulation and Neuromonitoring: highly conformable, stretchable, unbreakable and cheaper to produce.

WMT developes small molecules for cancer indications by targeting the Warburg Metabolism. The Warburg Metabolism was first described 100 years ago by Otto Heinrich Warburg and the therapeutic approach is based on the fact that many cancer cells predominantly produce their energy through a high rate of glycolysis followed by lactic acid fermentation even in the presence of abundant oxygen. Using this mechanism for the treatment of cancer turns out to be very difficult, as interventions targeted at the sugar metabolism also cause harm to healthy cells. The approach WMT is using offers an improved therapeutic window as opposed to classical cancer medicines.

Workpath is an enterprise software provider that helps organizations in a dynamic environment to move from strategic goals to results faster and more flexibly. Intuitive workflow tools and a comprehensive analytics suite help Workpath's clients bring greater transparency, focus and alignment to their strategic planning and execution. The enterprise SaaS platform collaboratively engages all teams of an organization in the development, daily operationalization and performance measurement of strategic goals. Customers like SAP, Metro, Scout24 and HolidayCheck rely on Workpath as the central software tool for effective and agile strategy execution with OKRs.

WPX Faserkeramik GmbH significantly improves energy efficiency and product quality in industrial heat treatment processes for metals by providing oxide fiber ceramic components made of patent registered Whipox® high performance ceramics used as refractories.

Yatta is all about development and evolution. Founded as a developer tool company, it pivoted to digital B2B commerce—and now helps vendors monetize and sell digital products.
Streamlining all aspects of the digital sales and purchase process, the Yatta Platform goes above and beyond mere payments—it includes a federated IAM for user acquisition and authentication, a licensing toolbox with legal templates and a license system, vendor/user/customer backends for everything from product listing to subscription handling or license pooling, as well as Yatta Checkout with integrated invoicing and payment handling.
In short: the Yatta Platform provides everything vendors need to monetize and sell digital products. Ultimately, the team aspires to help build the next digital B2B unicorns.

The Gym Operating System YOND was founded in 2022 by Serge Reit and Nicolas Kübler. The team develops a digital platform with innovative features and seamless integrations to scale the business model of fitness chains.

Zedira is a clinical stage biotech company specialized in the enzyme class of transglutaminases. Zedira performs drug discovery (e.g. celiac disease, diabetic nephropathy and thromboprophylaxis) and markets specialty reagents for R&D and diagnostics.

ZIM Plant Technology GmbH sells a user-friendly, long-term stable, non-invasive, telemetry-based magnet sensor technology that measures continuously the water supply of leaves of intact plants with high precision and in real time under field conditions.

Exit since Nov. 2013. Purchaser: YARA