About multiBIND

Technology and USPs:

The core technologies bioDECONT® and bioCLEANä are water-based solution systems for new biocompatible disinfection and decontamination. bioDECONT in addition catalyzes safe and complete degradation of DNA and RNA. Although highly effective against microorganisms these solutions only contain non-harmful biomolecules and ingredients that are non-toxic and non-corrosive and free of organic solvents. These solutions are also used as additives to improve the properties of conventional products especially for plant protection. multiBIND holds several patents and constantly generates new patent applications.

Business development:

multiBIND has closed license agreements with partners from the chemical industry, from disinfectants and from agriculture. New R&D cooperations for plant protection have been closed. in-vitro tests and field trials show the high efficacy of multiBIND technologies. multiBIND has identified several plant protection products that are substantially improved using bioCLEAN components as additive. This allows to reduce the concentrations of active ingredients and to improve efficacy and biocompatibility.


multiBIND offers new solutions for cooperation partners with profound microbiological problems. bioDECONT® and bioCLEAN are efficient substitutes for problematic classical biocides or other antimicrobial agents.

Business model:

multiBIND pursues a partnering strategy for development and application of its technology. The partners provide the complementary know-how for product development, regulatory affairs and market access. Sales are generated by licenses for these technologies in defined markets or product segments.

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Lisowsky


Gottfried-Hagen-Straße 60-62
51105 Köln

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27. Mar 2006

Ulrike Kalapis

Investment Manager