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LEDeXCHANGE produces LED retrofit lamps based on own development and patens. The USP of the products are the color fastness which means that the LED lamps have the same luminous color as the classic lamps (light bulbs) and the high compatibility with existing electronic devices.

Exit since March 2014.


Profilable Exit – HTGF sells its LEDeXCHANGE Shares to other investors

During the course of the latest financing round, High-Tech Gründerfonds sold its LEDeXCHANGE Shares through a profitable Secondary Transaction to a private Investor.  LEDeXCHANGE, founded in 2011, is an innovative Startup multi-award winner selling proprietary LED Lamps and Tubes.  LEDeXCHANGE is now present in…

LED light as natural as an incandescent bulb: LEDeXCHANGE GmbH receives seed financing from High-Tech Gruenderfonds

LEDeXCHANGE GmbH emerged on the scene promising that its line of products which create light “as natural as an incandescent bulb” would give consumers a genuine alternative to current energy efficient light bulbs. High Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF) has been convinced by this innovative company’s commitment to…

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19. Nov 2012 – 31. Mar 2014

HTGF Manager