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bitstars Exit

bitstars GmbH has developed a SaaS platform technology that enables customers to set up their own augmented reality (AR) applications. Focus was laid on very intuitive usability and joy of use. The platform enables users to create applications meeting their specific requirements with little effort. These applications can be managed and used in multiple end user devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart glasses.

Exit since September 2016.

Sector: VR / AR
In portfolio 18. Jun 2014 – 30. Sep 2016

Enscape™ Exit

The Enscape software is a virtual reality and real-time rendering plug-in for architectural software such as Autodesk Revit or Trimble SketchUp.
With their solution, you only need one click and in a few seconds you can commit the project in high quality and directly from the architect software.

Sector: VR / AR
HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
In portfolio 01. Jan 2017 – 11. Jan 2022


R3DT provides the most user-friendly virtual reality tool for industrial engineers who want to avoid mistakes in the early planning phase. The VR tool is of interest for design review and approval, e.g. for planning of work and assembly, in product development, in special-purpose machine and plant engineering as well as in technical sales.

With the VR tool, anyone can generate virtual prototypes from 3D CAD models at the push of a button. Thanks to intuitive handling, the models can be experienced in 1:1 scale anytime - also for colleagues and business partners. Consequently, critical design reviews can be carried out together - quickly and anywhere. Elaborate mockups and real prototypes become redundant. All in all, companies save a lot of time and money.

Sector: VR / AR
HTGF-Manager: Dr. Olaf Joeressen
Added to portfolio 17. Sep 2018


Threedy commercializes its instant3D hub platform – a visual computing platform for industrial customers to translate the ever growing web of 3D, business and process data into highly responsive and interactive 3D applications.

Sector: VR / AR
HTGF-Manager: Gregor Haidl
Added to portfolio 27. Oct 2020


Visometry is a startup and Fraunhofer spin-off founded in 2017, based Darmstadt, Germany. We create Augmented Reality core technology, develop custom solutions and support our customers integrating AR and computer vision into their business.

We are changing Augmented Reality bottom-up: with Machine Vision & AR Tracking at industrial scale. Our VisionLib tracking engine enables precise (multi-)object tracking, for a variety of high class AR applications along the entire ›product value chain‹, from prototyping, over production to sales, maintenance and training.

Sector: VR / AR
HTGF-Manager: Yann Fiebig
Added to portfolio 30. Aug 2018

VisuMotion Exit

3D Visualisation & Imaging preferred by but not limited to autostereoscopic displays

Exit since Feb. 2010.

Sector: VR / AR
HTGF-Manager: Klaus Lehmann
In portfolio 19. Oct 2006 – 10. Feb 2010