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The Grandperspective GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2018 with the purpose of protecting people and the environment. Grandperspective is introducing revolutionary remote sensing technology into a highly professional market with severe hazard potentials. The scanfeldTM early warning solution combines novel sensors with an intelligent software solution to the world's first remote monitoring solution for chemical plants. With FTIR spectroscopy hundreds of different gases are identified from a distance of up to several kilometres. The founders René Braun, Peter Maas und Alexander Herrmann bring in 25 years of experience in the development an application of remote monitoring technology together with extensive experience in business development.

NOVUM engineerING

Novum offers through AI and a hardware module exact battery monitoring that enables 15% more capacity usage and 20% longer lifetime. The on-site instant battery characterisation enables multiple second-life use cases for batteries with a strong sustainability impact and increased safety against fire or explosions.

HTGF-Manager: Johannes Weber
Added to portfolio 17. Dec 2015


Plasmion GmbH developed an „electronic nose sensor” based on mass spectrometry. This technology is not only revolutionizing chemical analysis in the laboratory environment, but is also intended to provide its performance in an automated sensor system for industrial applications.
Using SICRIT® ionization technology, it is now possible to perform trace analysis of solid, liquid or gaseous samples without any pre-treatment and in real-time. Plasmion’s products are thus used in medical diagnostics, environmental and food analysis as well as in emission monitoring.

HTGF-Manager: Dr. Nikolaus Raupp
Added to portfolio 28. Jan 2019